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Acrylic Raffle Boxes

An acrylic raffle box is the perfect container for collecting raffle tickets and excitedly rifling through them to draw the winning stub. Attractive acrylic raffle boxes may also encourage people to buy tickets, because they can see how many are inside (acrylic is optically clear) and either choose to play the odds or add more to support a charity drawing. Our clear plexiglass raffle boxes come in several large or small standing, wall-mount and countertop configurations, and most can be locked to keep every entry secure. Opaque black raffle ticket boxes—sometimes called “mystery boxes”—are also available if you’re keen on building suspense and prefer to keep entries out of sight. We have several sizes and styles in stock, with prices ranging from cheap (under $50) to a floor-standing model still priced to suit most budgets. If you don’t see exactly what you need or imagined, our on-premises craftspeople can design a custom-made raffle box in any size, dimension or color, with or without custom etching on the surface customized to your brand. You may also consider a raffle entry container customized to your brand.

  • Acrylic raffle boxes come in small and large sizes and are available in clear, black, and custom colors.
  • ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of plexiglass raffle boxes for sale to businesses, organizations, and consumers alike. We sell wholesale nationwide direct from our factories.
  • Raffle boxes are made of acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, Perspex or Lucite—all of which are types of plastic.
  • Our on-premises craftspeople will design a custom acrylic raffle box to suit any need.
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    Acrylic raffle boxes are perfect for businesses, charitable organizations, schools, sports organizations for prizes and giveaways. From cheap birthday party trinkets to prizes worth thousands of dollars, seeing entries pile up inside a clear raffle box adds a bit of delicious anticipation to the mystery as everyone entered waits to see who the winner is.

    Clear acrylic raffle ticket boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, from large floor standing models that capture attention, to sleek, black acrylic models that mount on a wall, to clear acrylic tabletop containers. We also offer raffle drums with handles for easy mixing. Some of our boxes for raffles also come with a transparent frame attached that enables you to quickly and easily add an image of what’s being given away to entice more people to buy another entry (or 10).

    Choose from our in-stock collection of raffle ticket boxes—prices range from cheap (under $50) to still budget friendly—if you have something else in mind, work with our experienced craftspeople to create a custom-made acrylic raffle box for you. Our acrylic raffle boxes can be customized to any size, shape and color to match a theme, a brand or simply a whimsey. They can also be custom etched with a logo, the name of an organization, a favorite poem—anything, really. Email or call us to find out more.