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Round & Cylinder Pedestals

A cylinder pedestal for display works well anywhere a business wants to showcase their products, artwork, sculptures or collections. Clean and elegant, shopPOPdisplays’ round pedestals exude a sleek design for your items on display. Available in a variety of footprints and heights, our quality cylinder pedestal stands are perfect for displaying items inside of retail stores, galleries, special events, home décor and so much more. For example, a white cylinder pedestal or round cylinder pedestal make fantastic additions as display stands or tables at your next event or gallery opening. Or use a clear cylinder plinth stand to feature an ice carving or another party themed showstopper. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a wide range of materials that we use for our column pedestals ranging from laminate white cylinder pedestals to acrylic round display tables. Ranging in several heights and sizes, our round pedestals can be used for a myriad of purposes. Contact our knowledgeable sales team with questions about ways to use cylindrical pedestals in your store, office, or home.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of round cylinder pedestals. We offer our selection of in-stock and custom-made cylinder pedestal stands and tables for sale wholesale and in bulk nationwide direct from our factories. We excel at making cylindrical pedestals and plinths of acrylic plastic, the common name for plexiglass (also known as Perspex) and similar to Lucite. Our round pedestal stands are available in your choice of sizes, including small and large, as well as popular colors such as white and clear. These displays and stands are great for parties, events and for retail display. We can make custom any plinth stand or pedestal for you. We also make them out of wood and metal.

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How to Update Your Space with Round and Cylindrical Pedestals and Tables

In Retail Establishments

Is your retail space putting you to sleep? Artists at your gallery threatening to mutiny if you don’t up your display game? You need to consider incorporating a round acrylic cylinder pedestal or table to your store or gallery. These types of displays lend a certain sophistication to every setting and are perfect for featuring your most exquisite items and creative works.

At Fine Art Galleries and Other Events

A round cylinder pedestal set in graduated heights is an essential display stand for displaying luxury goods such as designer wallets, bags, scarves, watches, jewelry, etc. Gallery owners will thrill art aficionados and art critics with sculptures or figurines arranged creatively atop elegant white or transparent cylinder pedestal tables. And any event or partygoer will enjoy sampling hors d’oeuvres and caviar from trays laid out on a round cylinder table in blue, black, white or the color of your choice. For party displays, a circle-shaped plinth or multiple cylinders can be used for guests to drop gifts for the hosts or an honored guest. A pillar or column is the ideal alternative to a box display or cube for highlighting any pottery or antiquities your gallery or museum has in its permanent collection.

Creative Additions to Home Décor

These days, interior designers and decorators are taking the retail out of display and incorporating cylinder display tables into their home décor ideas. Follow their lead by adding a cylindrical pedestal to your dining room or den as a plant or cake stand. A round display pedestal or table in the living room makes for an ideal end table for a lamp, your tv remotes, books, magazines and other items to sit on top