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Fundraising Displays

From charitable organizations and nonprofits to community groups and parent-teacher associations, fundraising plays a vital role in the survival of many communities. Whether you’re selling merchandise or tickets for raffle baskets, serving food and drinks, or handing out information, you need effective fundraising displays to encourage people to support your cause—and spend their money. Fortunately, ShopPOPdisplays has fundraising display ideas and options to fit all of your needs.

Signage will keep everyone informed of your mission and fundraising events, while flags and banners can attract people to your location. Ballot boxes are perfect for raffle tickets and baskets can be proudly displayed on acrylic podiums and display pedestals.

And of course, if you want anything customized with your logo or organization's name, reach out to our customer service team. They can guide you through the entire ordering process.

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Subcategories in Fundraising Displays


Fundraising Display Use Cases

Signage: You'll need a variety of sign options for your fundraising displays. Floor-standing signage, such as the Chrome Metal Display Stand with Two Tiers, can guide people around your fundraising event. If you're short on space, you can also utilize wall signage, like the 18 x 24 Slide-in Poster Frame, to showcase fundraising items, raffles, and ticket prices. If you are holding a raffle, place the list of items on each guest table with 5 x 7 Top Loading Sign Holders. And our selection of flags and banners is an optimal fundraising display idea when set up outside the space or at the entrance where you'll be selling tickets.

Ballot Boxes: Guests can place their raffle tickets in this Deluxe Acrylic Ballot Box, which boasts polished edges, a slotted opening, and lockable front clasp. If you're only showcasing a few grand prizes, opt for the Acrylic Floor Standing Ballot Box Pedestal. Both can also be used as suggestion boxes if you're looking for feedback from the community.

Acrylic Podiums, Pulpits, & Lecterns: Speeches, awards, and raffle announcements can all be made from one of our Custom Printed Acrylic Deluxe Podium Lectern, where you can proudly display your organization's name and logo. Need a tabletop option? Look no further than Acrylic Single Slab Tabletop Podium.

Display Pedestals: A fundraising display that can go a long way is a selection of display pedestals. Not only can they showcase raffle prizes, but they can also hold important signs and literature about the event and organization, as well as serve as a place for guests to put down their drinks and appetizer plates. Our Portable Clear Acrylic Display Pedestal comes in different sizes and has a user-friendly collapsible design. It can easily be stored in between events. If you want something fancier, we offer Economy Display Pedestals in various sizes and colors.

Risers: Acrylic risers can have different uses in fundraising displays. You can place signage, brochure holders, and giveaways on U-shaped risers or cylinder risers, which come in many sizes. And if you're serving desserts or appetizers at your event, ShopPOPdisplays has plenty of options, including a set of three Clear Acrylic Round Risers, Clear Acrylic Square Risers, and Tiered Acrylic Cupcake Stands.

Once you're ready to start ordering, contact our customer service team about customization options and other ways to make your fundraiser a success!