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Summer Displays

Business owners often use a new season as a reason for updating their retail displays, we think summer is the perfect time to create eye-catching displays to entice customers and enhance sales. People are spending more time out and about, enjoying the warmer weather. With that in mind, it's important to not only plan to design new summer retail displays but also put together a few wow-worthy summer window displays that will get attention from anyone driving or walking by your location.

ShopPOPdisplays has a wide assortment of summer window display options, including signage, banners and flags, acrylic boxes for displays, display cases, display pedestals, and wall-mount display cases, just to name a few. All these display merchandisers can be used to show off new inventory, seasonal merchandise, special sales, and more. Have a question or need additional summer display ideas? Contact us. We'll gladly assist you.

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Subcategories in Summer Displays


Use Cases

Retail stores. Retail locations will want to showcase seasonal merchandise with summer retail displays and summer window displays.

Offices. Businesses with a front window might decorate for the summer months with inviting seasonal display ideas.

Restaurants. Celebrate any seasonal changes in your menu with grab-and-go countertop summer displays.

Craft stores. Homeowners often use the warmer months for DIY projects that can be done outdoors. Offer a few ideas before they even step inside with a fun window display for summer.

Garden supply/Nurseries. Planting and landscape maintenance is still going strong in the summer, so seasonal window displays can include plants and flowers that are ideal during these warmer months.

Summer Window Display Ideas

Signage. Signage is key to ensure brisk sales especially in summer. Restaurants and cafes offering al fresco dining in summer depend on enticing summer displays and décor to bring customers in. Beverage and food menus, specials, and upcoming events rely on signage especially outdoors. Banners and flags can really amp up your window displays for summer. The single sided custom print retractable display banners come in 33.5" width and can be customized with your company name, logo, hours, and more. You can also set up specialty banners to promote sales events, seasonal merchandise, and special sales. Flags can also come in handy when it comes to promotion. Take a look at our 16.5' rectangular flag single sided custom print.

Display Pedestals. Display pedestals can put a spotlight on seasonal products. A white laminate pedestal or a clear acrylic pedestal both make a great base, and then retailers can introduce some bright summer colors with the fluorescent green accent solid block riser and the fluorescent pink accent solid block riser.

Wood Displays. ShopPOPdisplays wood carts can make a fun summer window retail display. The wood display cart w/chalkboard sign top can give off a rustic vibe, while the wood display cart with angled open roof features four rows of shelving and a roof. And the wood flower display cart will look gorgeous with some beautiful plants and flowers in it.

The six wood crate display can keep an assortment of merchandise, and the nine basket display can maintain organization while still making for an eye-catching summer retail display.

Our set of 3 pine nested crates comes in different colors and gives off a rustic vibe for any summer window display. Add a few shopPOPdisplays 8.5”w x 11”h countertop chalkboard sign to add to the charm.

Acrylic Boxes. Acrylic boxes of various sizes can be stacked to form a unique summer window display. Boxes with lids—like our acrylic 5-sided box w/ shoebox lid—can be filled with different color-coded merchandise for a bright summer display. shopPOP also has boxes in different colors, including yellow, blue, pink, and green. Summer is the perfect time to get bold with your hues, so your imagination is the limit!

Display Cases. Depending on how much window space you have, wall-mounted display cases can save up some floor space and help create a unique summer window display. The acrylic display case with black wall-mount shelf provides a simple design that will allow whatever you put inside it to take center stage.