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Springtime Displays

Spring is an exciting time to rethink your retail location's display options. Not only is the season synonymous with cleaning, but you can also get creative with bold and bright colors. Fortunately, shopPOPdisplays has a variety of options when it comes to spring retail displays and spring window displays.

From our popular 5 sided acrylic boxes and display cases to display pedestals and wall-mounted display cases, you'll find something that works in your space to create memorable spring retail displays. Even better: Most of it can be customized to fit your business needs! Contact us for more spring window display ideas and any questions.

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Subcategories in Springtime Displays


Use Cases:

Various locations can benefit from a refresh on their display options for the spring, including:

Retail stores. Showcase the season's latest trends and products with new spring displays.

Cafes. Eatery owners want their space to be an inviting place, so people return and again.

Garden centers. ‘Tis the season to buy plants and flowers, and you'll need spring retail displays and spring window displays to let customers know it's time to start planning their garden.

Road stands. Many people love to stop by road stands for everything from delicious pies and beautiful blooms to fruits and vegetables. Make sure your stand catches the driver's eye with spring displays.

Craft fairs. Outdoor craft fairs are a wonderful way to enjoy the spring weather. Whatever you're selling, the right spring retail displays can get people to stop by your booth.

Offices. You can make the waiting room or lobby of your office a welcoming area with some simple spring displays.

Spring Window Display Ideas

Banners and Flags. Attract customers to your location with some spring display signage. Flags placed outside can catch the eye of people walking or driving by with flags, like this 15' feather flag square corner double sided custom print. It can be customized with your company name, logo, hours, or whatever else is needed to promote your business. Place it outside the door of your location, in front of your road stand spot, or need your location at the craft fair.

Signage. You can also add a rustic feel to your store with our 8.5"w x 11"h countertop chalkboard sign. These will look especially charming at a road stand or craft fair. And save counter space with the 8.5" x 11" acrylic window sign holder with suction cups, which is easy to take up and down as needed.

Outdoor chalkboard signs welcome guests.

Acrylic Risers. shopPOPdisplays selection of risers can create wow-worthy spring retail displays. The silver mirrored cube riser comes in a variety of sizes. Made of quality mirrored acrylic, they are lightweight and shatter-resistant, you can easily stack them to design a unique spring retail window display.

Ready to add some color to your spring retail displays? Celebrate the colors of the season with our fluorescent green accent solid block riser and fluorescent pink accent solid block riser.

Acrylic Boxes. Small items and snacks can be stored in the acrylic 5 sided box with removable divider- 12" x 12" x 12". Sort merchandise by color for a whimsical spring retail display. The acrylic adjustable dump bin display is perfect for loose items, including seed packets.

Wooden Displays. ShopPOPdisplays' wood carts can make a fun spring retail display at garden centers, craft fairs, and road stands. The wood display cart w/chalkboard sign top can showcase food, flowers, and other merchandise, while the wood display cart with angled open roof features four rows of shelving and a roof. And the wood flower display cart will look gorgeous with some beautiful plants and flowers in it.

The six wood crate display can keep an assortment of merchandise, and the nine basket display can maintain organization while still making for an eye-catching spring retail display.

Collapsible or Portable Flat Pack Displays. Knockdown (KD) displays are a must if you're traveling with your inventory. The black knockdown stacking baskets- set of 4 will make setting up and taking down at a craft fair or road stand. The 31"high clear acrylic table is sturdy enough that you can stack items with ease, and the wooden large 3 tier countertop display and the wooden 4 tier countertop step display are both collapsible and made of environmentally friendly composite wood.