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Chalkboard Signs

chalkboard signs for businesses

Chalkboard signs are an easy and affordable way to create custom messages, eye-catching designs, and clever advertisements. Each chalkboard sign style has a smooth surface that is easy to write on with liquid chalk markers.

shopPOPdisplays carries chalkboard signs that are ideal for restaurants, retail shops, bakeries, schools, professional events, dinner parties, craft fairs, farmer's markets, and whatever else your heart desires. From place cards to commercial displays, these versatile chalkboard signs can be used just about anywhere.

If you'd like a chalkboard sign for your business, take a look at our selection below:

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Did You Know Acrylic and Chalk Ink Work Together?

Chalk ink markers are most often used on non-porous chalkboards, but did you know that chalk ink markers can also be used on acrylics? Because chalk ink markers can be applied on non-porous surfaces, they work beautifully on acrylic. That means any of our attractive products can be easily written on with chalk ink, which is excellent for visual merchandising and other marketing promotions. Chalk ink comes in a variety of colors and is easy to wipe off with the appropriate cleaners, making it convenient to be creative any time!

How Do I Clean a Chalkboard Sign?

It's easy to clean chalk and chalk ink off of a chalkboard sign. First, remove as much chalk as possible from the chalkboard with a towel or chalk eraser. Then, mix dish soap and water in a bowl and use a sponge or window squeegee to spread the mixture and clean the board. Use a clean, wet sponge to remove any excess soap.