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Mirrored Boxes

At shopPOPdisplays, our sleek and modern looking mirrored boxes are the pinnacle of elegant display pieces. With multiple uses and sizes available, a simple box with a mirror can turn a great display set into an exceptional one. With five-mirrored sides and an open bottom, boxes with mirrors can be used as a riser or product enhancement piece. Perfect for displaying foods, drinks, and snacks, these mirrored boxes are great for hotels, buffets, and more!

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The reflective properties found with our mirrored boxes can make huge enhancements to your displays. Available in different sizes, these simple boxes with mirrors are perfect for showing off delectable desserts, mouth-watering meals, and more.

Each box with a mirror has five mirrored sides and one “open side” which give these units multiple uses. Use mirrored boxes as a riser to elevate tasty treats or expensive goods, the reflection will give whatever you display an eye-catching and modern look. The reflectiveness of each mirrored box can also be used for adjacent items, giving off the appearance of having more or just to show off the sides not visible to consumer.

Whether in retail display case, a jewelry store, at a buffet, restaurant or a hotel, finding uses for our acrylic mirrored boxes won’t be hard – it’s just up to your imagination!