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Acrylic Pedestal Risers

If you’re looking to give a display more class or wish to promote a particular item, acrylic pedestal risers are a safe bet to get the job done. Whether you need acrylic free standing riser offerings in either floor standing models or for tabletops, they make any item a can’t-miss object. At shopPOPdisplays, we carry sets of table top risers and a variety of acrylic floor standing risers to suit any need you have. Make your display stand out from the rest – choose our beautiful acrylic pedestal displays.

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It’s a cheesy saying, but acrylic pedestal risers really do elevate your displays to new heights. Of course all risers give you the added advantage of changing the eye-level of your display – they also help smaller objects become more prominent and not get lost behind larger items. In short, our acrylic free standing risers do all of the things a typical riser should do, but they do it beautifully.
Therein lies the difference between standard risers and pedestal risers – if you’re looking to truly give your display a classy appearance, something that cannot be ignored, then the simplistic elegance of a acrylic pedestal riser is what you’re looking for. Sacrificing surface area for height and attention, these free standing risers are ideal for promoting singular objects (though some of our floors standing models feature 12” x 12” surface areas for displaying a number of smaller items).
It’s common to find acrylic pedestal displays in retail environments, schools, historical buildings, even museums. If you have an object that deserves to have a singular focus, put it on a pedestal riser. Whether you’re using smaller risers in a jewelry display case or a large floor model to display works of art, our pedestal risers are an affordable way to build your next striking display.