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Display Cases With Bases

Take your Display Boxes to the next level! Our Display Boxes with Bases sets are affordable, fantastic looking, and keep your valuables and memorabilia safely stored and dust free. A number of different styles and sizes round out our selection, so you can better match the object you’re protecting- choose from wooden, black or white acrylic base styles. Display our favorite sports memorabilia, collectable toys, jewelry, anything you can think of to fit into one of our boxes. Our plastic box with bases will ensure your most important things stay pristine and clean, just the way you want them!

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Display Boxes with Bases
With our line of display boxes with bases, you’ll find that we provide a wide array of sizes, catering to the many different items in the world that people wish to display. Our clear plastic boxes with bases are made in-house and are fabricated precisely to meet the measurements you expect so there are no surprises come display time. With three different base types – wooden, black and white acrylic – you’ll have no trouble matching to taste and the size of the object inside. And don’t forget – if you have a particular object that doesn’t fit our stock sizes, contact us for putting together a custom creation!