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Restaurant Displays: Food Stands, Signage & More

ShopPOPdisplays.com has a large selection of restaurant and foodservice supplies to help organize and promote your foodservice business or restaurant. Browse our menu covers, tabletop display stands, front-of-house display options, and specialty serving displays.

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Subcategories in Restaurant And Food Service


Food Display Cases: We have a variety of food display cases, ideal for showcasing your baked goods. Acrylic food display cases feature fully adjustable trays and are made of beautiful clear acrylic.

Speciality Serving Displays: Browse our selection of specialty serving displays for home and business. Perfectly showcase your baked goods with our cupcakes and cake pops displays which come in a variety of colors, shapes as well as multi-tiered options. Display your delicious ice cream cones with our 4 and 8 hole ice cream cone holders. We have unique display solutions for your specialty food products.

Food Display Stands and Risers: Acrylic risers are another great way of displaying food and baked items. Our large selection of acrylic risers comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes to fit into any bakery, deli, or restaurant. We even have LED lighting and mirrored options to show off specials or unique items.

Condiment Organizers: Keep tabletop condiments neat & organized with our condiment caddy and dispensers. Holders and organizers are made with high quality acrylic that is durabile and pleasing to the eye.

Custom Options: If you can't find products to meet your needs, please contact us for custom options. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low minimum quantity, ideal for businesses looking to add branding or anyone looking for a designer touch.

Use Cases:

Did you know that there are a multitude of essential restaurant displays that are useful in several sections of your dining establishment? From signage to food display cases, there are a wide variety of restaurant display items that will enhance your restaurant and inform consumers, helping your business effortlessly boost revenue all while keeping it organized, clean, and attractive.

Hostess Stand:

The hostess stand is the first place you greet guests, use this station to your benefit by offering information about your dining establishment as patrons make their way in from the front door.
  • Business Card Display: Perfect for promoting your business and having patrons take your info on the go, an attractive business card display is an absolute must for any successful restaurant.
  • Pamphlet & Brochure Holder: Ideal for takeout menus and other promotional deliverables, a pamphlet & brochure holder is a great choice to have displayed on or near your hostess stand as it can offer catering information to patrons who are looking to takeout at a future time.
  • Wall-Mounted Sign Holders: A must-have to display imagery of house specials, cocktails, or even a promotional flyer, a wall-mounted sign holder is a great restaurant display item to adhere to the hostess stand and immediately start enticing consumers.


In many restaurants the bar section is a high traffic area that receives tons of foot traffic, and it is an ideal place to promote and advertise! Listed below are several restaurant displays that will help you get word out about what makes your restaurant special.
  • Chalkboard Signs: An innovative and easy way to switch up exciting restaurant announcements, chalkboard signs come in a variety of sizes and orientations, allowing you to creatively showcase specials, new cocktails, and delicious bar foods with an artistic flair! VersaChalk erasable markers make changing menus effortless!
  • Counter Mats: A perfect choice to protect your bar area and subtly sponsor advertisements from your favorite distilleries, wineries, or breweries, a counter mat serves a marketing purpose and function to all of your patrons.

Restaurant Tables:

  • Condiment Organizers: A convenient display item that provides neat and organized accessibility to your patron's favorite condiments, acrylic condiment organizers are a staple choice restaurant display for your eatery's tabletops.
  • Tent Style Sign Holders: An excellent way to showcase specials, hot menu picks, and new promotions, tent style sign holders are a cost-effective and easy way to promote and advertise for any restaurant, pub, deli, bakery, or bar.

Back of House:

  • Food Display Stands & Risers: Whether you want an organized, clean way to stock baked goods and breads or are simply looking for a creative method to showcase your delicious treats, food displays and risers will help you manage back of house inventory to better make a smooth and quick delivery to guests waiting in the dining area.
  • Food Display Cases: Offering both style and function, food display cases are one of the best ways to keep baked goods and breads fresh, while also offering an attractive way to store them. Perfect for breads, cakes, and other assorted pastry, our food display cases give easy accessibility and a wholesome look to any restaurant's back of house.


How can these food service displays help my restaurant?

Food service displays create a seamless communication plan with your customers by providing them with what they need without them even having to ask. Having appropriate food service displays dispersed throughout your eatery will subliminally inform your patron while also subtly boosting your restaurant's revenue with strategically placed product and advertisements.

What types of signs do I need for my restaurant?

As a restaurant owner you are probably aware that you need to attract big crowds as well as get creative with your advertisements. Appropriate signage will help you stand apart from your competition and encourage people to come inside. Signage ideas that will help your restaurant thrive include but are not limited to menu boards, chalkboard signs, banners, wall-mounted sign holders with suction cups, floor standing sign holders, custom flag signs, and metal display stands.

What is the best material for restaurant table toppers?

An ideal material for a restaurant table topper is acrylic. Acrylic plastic sheets or panels protect the table's textured wooden finish while offering the sleek, transparent look of glass while conveniently being much sturdier and scratch- and impact-resistant than its glass counterpart. Plus, cleanup is a breeze!