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Banking Displays and Signage

The convenience of mobile banking apps is on the rise yet there are plenty of benefits to physically visiting a brick-and-mortar bank branch or financial institution, and even instances when it’s a necessity. Quality bank displays are essential to directing customers’ attention, creating an inviting atmosphere, and helping to communicate everything from where the teller line starts to the perks of opening a home or auto loan. Just as important as showcasing your mandatory FDIC compliance certifications via appropriate signage is the safety of employees and customers. Our range of bank display and signage merchandise offers solutions for those differing needs. Select office supplies to keep personnel organized and customers comfortable. One of the best ways to enhance bank signage is to utilize shopPOPdisplays’ signature customization solutions, which allow display banners, U-shaped barriers, sign holders, etc. all to be tailored to your business specifications. Contact us for customized printing and engraving services, and trust shopPOPdisplays to provide the type of bank display that fits your business goals and office aesthetic.

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Subcategories in Banks and Financial Institutions


Use Cases

Advertising -

A fundamental component of any effective bank display is quality advertising signage that not only promotes services, but also helps answer customers’ financial questions and sets a visual tone. Double-sided, custom-print display banners are lightweight, durable, and easy to move around, which makes them great for outlining incentives and boasting success stories of happy customers, like featuring clients who used the branch’s services to purchase a new home. Poster frames and stands also professionally showcase promotional material and important bank signage, slogans and taglines.

Safety -

Ensuring the safety of customers and employees alike is a necessity for financial institutions. The use of acrylic barriers to separate people provides protection and peace of mind. Barriers come in many different sizes and forms, including hanging, countertop, Velcro mount and floor-standing, so you’ll be able to find one to suit any particular space. Plus, some are built with pass-through openings for accessibility, and they can be easily transformed into a seasonal or promotional bank display with the use of shopPOPdisplays’ customization features.

Promotions -

Of course, there’s a vast amount of important information that financial institutions need to communicate to customers whether they’re investing, borrowing, depositing, and opening an account. While brochures, magazines, and flyers can dive deeper into explanations about home equity, IRAs, and CDs, they can also help customers explore benefits of savings clubs, new account incentives and other promotional services with takeaway convenience. Make collateral literature an effective part of your bank signage by choosing from an array of pamphlet holders including rotating, wall-mounted or countertop versions in either acrylic or different stains of wood.

Employee Communication -

Floor standing poster stands can guide clients to the teller or customer service line, advise them on where to find deposit slips, or provide wayfinding directions to prevent wandering into restricted areas. A congenial alternative for greeting customers when personnel are busy elsewhere are custom-printed fabric stands. Display banners leading up to where tellers are situated can also convey messaging and answer questions prior to reaching assistance. Window sign holders with suction cups can easily be affixed to acrylic barriers, displaying signs with helpful information like current exchange rates.

Office Supplies -

Loan processors, mortgage consultants, and investment bankers alike regularly hand out their information, which makes business card holders an essential must-have - choose from acrylic or wood, and individual or multi-pocket. Organizational bins keep pens, paper clips and sticky notes straightened out, while bank signage holders can display individual or institution credentials. shopPOPdisplays also offers a variety of chairs and sled base sofas that will keep employees and customers comfortable throughout appointments or while waiting.

For more tips and customization ideas for bank displays and signage, please contact our team. We’re here to assist you.