Why Plexiglass Dividers are Here to Stay

Over the course of the last two years, how our world operates has completely transformed due to the outbreak of an international pandemic. From shopping and eating out to schools and office environments, we all have had to take severe precautions when it comes to safety in numbers and adjusting to a new normal. Living through a pandemic, though not easy, did teach us valuable lessons on just how important it is to be clean – good hygiene and be aware of our personal space so we do not infringe our germs on those who surround us. For public businesses and other institutions to continue, it is imperative that owners restructure their spaces to make everyone involved feel safe—which is exactly why plexiglass dividers are here to stay.


woman at desk with plexiglass shield with opening


According to a report from Washington University, “Barriers can provide a physical separation between people to support social and physical distancing efforts. Barriers are appropriate in a variety of settings, including public areas, retail settings, and spaces where it is difficult to maintain 6 feet of separation between individuals.”


Plexiglass Dividers are Versatile


The beauty of plexiglass dividers and barriers is that they can be custom cut and fit into any space. From retail stores to doctors’ offices, protective shields serve a purpose in nearly any environment where it is difficult to maintain 6 feet of separation in where they are placed. Barriers and sneeze guards provide patrons, patients, students, and customers alike the comfort of physical separation to support social and physical distancing efforts. They have regulated personal space, which has always been an issue when it comes to cold and flu season and became that much more apparent in a post COVID-19 world. Appropriately placed barriers and shields offer an additional layer of protection among socially distanced people in everyday situations while also providing a level of non-invasive comfort in checkout areas, perusing retail store displays, working in office cubicles, queuing up at pharmacies, receptionist desks, fitting rooms, as well as at tables in restaurants.


The Benefits to Table Dividers Beyond COVID-19


While there was a great need to put up plexiglass table dividers in schools and offices at the height of COVID-19, we learned so much more from separating people in tight spaces than ever before. Even in a post-COVID-19 world, germs will remain an issue for students and professionals in small classroom and cubicle environments. The spreading of germs is unavoidable, especially when it comes to children. Using plexiglass table dividers in classrooms may help mitigate the spread of germs naturally occurring around children in a group setting, helping students everywhere stay healthier and ultimately attend more days of school, increasing productivity. The same can be said for employees in office environments, the smarter safety measures put in place to protect everyone inside of the place, the more work will be accomplished, helping businesses reach goals more efficiently without having to worry about team members taking as many sick days as possible and delaying timelines.



How Plexiglass Dividers Can Keep Us Connected in a New Normal


One of the largest benefits of staying separated through the means of plexiglass barriers and dividers is that while they provide personal space and security, they also are transparent and offer us full transparency to what physically surrounds us. These choice dividers allow people to exist together and share an experience without worrying about possible contaminants. After what our world has experienced from COVID-19, we certainly do not want to digress into the isolation of our own homes again, but we do want to approach the world with more caution. Plexiglass dividers are a great compromise of being around people and socializing, while also being mindful of possible disease.