Summer Display Ideas to Make Your Storefront Shine

The best way to draw in passersby and convert them into customers? Grab their attention with a season retail display that will pique their curiosity to further explore your store. While red, white, and blue is tried and true, those flags and banners you put up for Memorial Day weekend will need a refresh by the time summer is in full swing. That’s because the more often you change retail displays, the more often customers will look at them. Keep reading for tips to create the perfect summer retail display, either from scratch or updating your current one, as well as some themes you can use for inspiration.

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Art Gallery Displays: Maximizing Your Available Space

A common struggle with setting up an art gallery display is having to make do with a small amount of space. But it’s worth it to do it right: Art sales in the United States have increased by 33% to $28 billion in 2021, according to the 2022 Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report. Here, we provide guidance and tips for how to make the most of a small space along with some ideas of how to use shopPOPdisplays’ acrylic display products to set it all up.

When it comes to creating art gallery displays, there are several things to consider, including the space’s layout, lighting, and decor, to help maximize the space. The main purpose of an art gallery is to showcase—and sell—art so their design should help visitors not only navigate an exhibit to view but also encourage purchases. First, we’ll discuss creating art galleries from the ground up and then we’ll help maximize the space by suggesting products from shopPOPdisplays’ inventory of in-stock acrylic frames, displays, pedestals, and more to make your art gallery a success. Interested in something specific and not mentioned here? No problem. Contact us for custom options.

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How-To Organize Your Thrift Store to Drive Visits

Thrift stores continue to increase in popularity and for good reason – they allow shoppers to find trendy second-hand pieces or unique vintage treasures at a fraction of the cost and help the planet by reducing waste. While the range of discounted merchandise and sustainability aspects certainly get people through the doors, the allure can quickly wear off if the thrift store is chaotic or difficult to navigate, which will lead to disappointed customers leaving with a bad experience and empty shopping bags. Fortunately, shopPOPdisplays knows exactly what it takes to organize your thrift store in a way that keeps customers content while shopping and encouraging them to come back time after time. Read on for our expert tips.

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5 Trends Impacting the Food Service Industry in 2022

As we edge near a post-pandemic reality, it has become clear that a lot of industries have taken cues from their patrons regarding what has worked and what has not in a world where we try to gather while also remaining 6 feet apart. One of the leading industries to feel such implications from the ever changing normal of consumer relationships is restaurants and the food service sector as whole. Let’s face it—people are just not as comfortable sharing public spaces as they used to be, which has prompted a learning curve for everyone who owns or works at a restaurant. Although the impacts of a pandemic initially felt negative for dining establishments as they found themselves experiencing staff shortages and supply chain issues, staff members, owners, and managers quickly figured out clever workarounds in such challenging times. Some of these clever alternatives became trends amongst the industry that may have paved the path to forever changing the way consumers dine, while redefining the new restaurant norm. In this blog post we will explore these changes and 5 leading trends that we will see in 2022 and how it will affect your experience of ordering food in or going out to eat.


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Creating a Photo Exhibit Worthy of Your Art

For photographers, how a picture is framed or exhibited can determine if, and for how much, it’s sold. It’s worth the expense—selecting the right frame will help assure a successful show. There are various approaches to photo exhibit ideas. But first, you’ll need to consider the location or where the show is taking place, determine your show’s theme, and curate a collection of photographs. Then, you can you get started on framing and presentation.


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How to Make Your Signs Weatherproof for Your Next Outdoor Event

With warm weather on the horizon, there are plenty of outdoor events quickly approaching. For advertisers, marketing teams, and event planners everywhere, it is an optimal time to make outdoor signage weatherproof to effectively drive awareness and direction to crowds everywhere. According to, “Outdoor events are an excellent chance to bring in eye-catching and functional signage that not only promotes the event but doubles as persuasive advertising for your business and brand. Effective outdoor signage should always attract the attention of those around it without being too distracting while being memorable.” Keeping this in mind, it is important to use weatherproofing material to protect your sign from fading in the sun, colors running in the rain or snow, or any other harsh elements. In this blog post we discuss the many ways to weatherproof your signage for your next big outdoor event!

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How shopPOPdisplays is Avoiding Supply Chain Issues

As a domestic and foreign distributor with vast inventory of stock items and raw materials for customized merchandise, shopPOPdisplays fulfills orders in a set timeline with prompt delivery and superior customer service. Based on our vast capabilities and easy access to plastic, wood, metal, and other raw materials we can avoid the common obstacles that have plagued other acrylic distributors and manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges—this, along with our superior customer service sets us apart from the competition.


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12 Memorial Day Window Display Ideas

With the unofficial start to summer upon us, it’s time for retailers to ready their Memorial Day displays. Memorial Day Weekend, and the week prior, is one of the busiest times for retail shops as many people have a long weekend to shop the sales. Foot traffic and sales can be increased if retailers go the extra mile in creating an enticing holiday themed window display.  In this blog post, we will give several tips for making patriotic-themed window displays for Memorial Day using stock and custom merchandising products available at shopPOPdisplays.

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Festival Preparation: Solving Your Signage Needs

A lot goes into planning a festival and creating appropriate, well-designed festival signage is one of the biggest needs to run a successful event. Take for instance, a music festival. If no one can find the stage or even worse the bathrooms, you are going to have a crowd of confused – and potentially angry people. According to, “Without clear and concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re looking for, any event will quickly descend into chaos.” In this post we explore festival signage must-haves and the important and most popular locations that you will need to place directional signage for your festival to create positive flow and a successful show.


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