5 Trends Impacting the Food Service Industry in 2022

As we edge near a post-pandemic reality, it has become clear that a lot of industries have taken cues from their patrons regarding what has worked and what has not in a world where we try to gather while also remaining 6 feet apart. One of the leading industries to feel such implications from the ever changing normal of consumer relationships is restaurants and the food service sector as whole. Let’s face it—people are just not as comfortable sharing public spaces as they used to be, which has prompted a learning curve for everyone who owns or works at a restaurant. Although the impacts of a pandemic initially felt negative for dining establishments as they found themselves experiencing staff shortages and supply chain issues, staff members, owners, and managers quickly figured out clever workarounds in such challenging times. Some of these clever alternatives became trends amongst the industry that may have paved the path to forever changing the way consumers dine, while redefining the new restaurant norm. In this blog post we will explore these changes and 5 leading trends that we will see in 2022 and how it will affect your experience of ordering food in or going out to eat.


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