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Boxes With Lids And Covers

Storage doesn't have to be ugly. Our acrylic boxes with lids and covers are sturdy and provide a closed environment to keep the contents inside safe and organized, but with appearance in mind. Our boxes with lids are available with hinges, locks, and more! If you’re looking for something a little simpler, we also carry boxes with covers, much like a shoebox lid to simply lift and set aside. Use our clear acrylic boxes with lids to store whatever you need in retail stores, in the office, at school, or at home. Versatile and strong, these Boxes with Lids and Covers are the storage solution you need!

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Our boxes with lids and covers are available in different styles to suit a multitude of different needs – each providing excellent methods in beautiful display and storage. From shoebox to locking lids, our boxes covers and lids provide excellent storage solutions, but can also be used in retail applications. Use our acrylic box with hinged lid as a large dump bin in retail shops – for bulk buys where customer can comb though the dump bin to buy what they want. After they’re done, they can lower the lid to keep the remaining content inside in one place. Locking hinged lids keep unwanted hands off of the contents inside. Use shoebox lids for a cool and unique storage solution – each of our plastic boxes with shoebox lid comes with a perfectly fitted clear acrylic lid. There are many uses our boxes with lids are capable of, find out just how adaptable they are and order today!