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Retail Displays & Store Fixtures

Retail stores, boutiques, and shops need a variety of retail display options to showcase their merchandise and dress up their stores. ShopPOPdisplay’s wide selection of displays for stores and acrylic retail displays and store fixtures add versatility, functionality and appeal to any retail space. If you are a retailer, shop owner or commercial business, you can meet your in-store presentation, storage, organization and merchandising needs with our shelving, racks, display case, floor standing shelf, table or countertop stands and accessories. Our products create attractive retail display stands or purchase (POP) counter displays featuring promotional product or clearance merchandise.

If you can’t find a style to meet your needs we can make custom store displays and fixtures for retail, including stands and shelving. Contact us today to discuss your custom retail display or store fixture requirements.

ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic, wood and metal retail displays, fixtures and supplies which we offer for sale wholesale nationwide, direct from our factories.

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Subcategories in Retail Displays & Store Fixtures


What is a Retail Display or Store Fixture?

Retail shop fixtures and displays are structures that house or promote your product or service. Our retail store supplies are commonly made from acrylic, wood or metal and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When these units align with products correctly, they increase sales opportunities while creating a cohesive appearance for the store.

What Makes Acrylic Retail Displays So Popular?

There are numerous benefits of acrylic displays. These styles are popular for visual merchandising because of their sleek, elegant look combined with their versatility, strength, and durability. Our acrylic retail display supplies come in a variety of shapes, styles, and forms. This durable material can be used to make beautiful boxes, risers, pedestals, sign holders, and a myriad of other retail store fixtures that help elevate merchandise and catch the eye of your consumer. The natural, minimal look of a this style allows your products to stand out while being showcased with beautiful simplicity.

How Do You Display Merchandise?

Some of the most effective merchandizing tools to help boost retail sales include acrylic boxes, acrylic pedestals, acrylic risers, acrylic sign holders, and acrylic organizers. In addition to the wide-array of plastic styles including wood barrels, wood pedestals, wood shelving units, and tiered basket units are also an effective retail store fixture and an attractive way to catch your customer’s eye and enhance the in-store customer experience.

What are Some Benefits of Retail Displays?

Retail Display Stands

Retail display stands can be used to encourage and promote sales of your store’s product. We carry a variety of stands including floor-standing and countertop displays for retail stores that provide an opportunity to communicate a message to potential buyers or customers while allowing merchandise to stand apart.

Boutique Store Displays

Our retail fixtures and stands are ideal for retail boutique store displays and fixtures. Exhibit fashion finds, hand-crafted merchandise, novelty collections, art and second-hand products with retail floor fixtures and counter displays from our wide collection.

Jewelry Displays

Great jewelry displays elevate the in-store shopping experience, making it easy for consumers to navigate merchandise without added pressure. Well-lit units also enhance the look of jewelry, further prompting customers to make a purchase. Custom jewelry displays and cases can also be made for retail boutique store fixtures to create space while seamlessly blending into your boutique shop’s decor.

Acrylic Risers and Trays

Acrylic risers and trays are an elegant and simple way to elevate your products while helping your merchandise stand out in front of potential customers. Whether you’re choosing to fill acrylic trays with goods or lift smaller items up on an acrylic riser, these display options are perfect for creating a striking accent inside of your visual presentation.

Shelving and Racks

There are a lot of advantages to installing shelves and racks inside of your retail location. Shelves and racks effectively make use of the perimeter of your store, optimizing your available retail space while creating comfortable walking space for consumers. Wall shelving and racks also look stylish and easily organize your merchandise, allowing consumers to have an enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience.

Display Cases

No matter the size of your store or retail location, display cases can improve your store’s organization while ensuring extra protection against theft. Display cases also encourage creative product placement concepts by arranging products in a way that highlights their appeal tells a story to your consumers while staying in one place. They offer a timeless aesthetic and will easily match the decor of your shop and exude a classic style.

Dump Bins

Perfect for special offers and adding valuable space to your store’s layout, dump bins can create a positive impact on your store’s sales. A strategically placed dump bin will encourage your customers to pick up impulse buys or notice a product they wouldn’t ordinarily seek out. Bargain buys are another excellent use for dump bins, helping customers to rummage around sales items in one spot, while freeing up space for more recent inventory in other parts of your store.

Countertop Displays

Countertop displays are a simple and effective way to enhance your product showcases. Countertop visual displays are cost efficient and have many advantages. They help highlight your product and can draw attention to smaller items while increasing brand awareness. Countertop styles also offer customer convenience, allowing for easy product placement that makes last-minute purchases easy for customers to buy. Many different materials can be used to make these stands, making them easily customizable. Create a custom counter display to promote your brand while also coordinating with your company’s aesthetic.

Custom Displays

Meet all of your needs with our in-stock retail display supplies or contact us to customize your retail store supplies. Our displays can be custom-sized, custom colored, or printed to show your brand. Likewise, we can make custom metal or wood retail fixtures and displays. Contact us to find out how we meet all your need for retail display supplies.