The Benefits of Acrylic Displays

When you’re in need of a display that is as eye-catching as it is transparent, acrylic may be the solution.

Acrylic displays come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and are easily customizable. They are used across a variety of industries, including retail and restaurants and can even be used in homes and offices. In fact, if you take a look around, you probably have some sort of acrylic display in your home right now!

To dive in further and really showcase the value of acrylic displays, we’ve put together a list of benefits. Let’s jump in.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic display shelf

To understand the benefits of acrylic displays, we first have to understand what acrylic is and why it’s so widely used. Most people use acrylic every day and don’t even realize it!

Acrylic, also commonly known as plexiglass, is a type of plastic used in a variety of different display furniture, and organizational products.

Versatile, inexpensive, and extremely strong, acrylic was first produced in 1928 and brought to the market five years later by the Roehm and Haas Company. The material gained notoriety during its profound usage during World War II, being used to create items such as canopies, windows, and turrets.

Fast forward to today, acrylic plastic is still a widely used material for a variety of different applications, including acrylic nails, paint, security barriers, medical devices, LCD screens, and much, much more. Thanks to acrylic’s strength and flexibility, it is frequently used to showcase items that need an extra layer of protection.

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6 Key Benefits of Acrylic Displays

Now that we have an understanding of what acrylic is and how it’s used, we can further explore the benefits it provides.

1. High Transparency

Acrylic plastic is often used because of its high-transparency, which creates the illusion of space in tight environments while illuminating rooms and drawing attention to items on display.

For example, museums use acrylic boxes to cover paintings, display sculptures and showcase artifacts. Transparency is key here. After all, no one goes to the museum to look at the display case.

Assortment of museum display cases.

Restaurants and cafes on the other hand use acrylic to showcase their freshly baked goods or ready to go meals directly on the counter. This allows people to see what they are ordering and leads to more impulse buys. Sometimes you just can’t resist that delicious looking cupcake!

The transparency and clarity of acrylic really makes it perfect for any type of display.

2. Durability

Durability is one of the most important and liked benefits of acrylic. Strong and difficult to break, acrylic displays don’t require the gentle touch of other materials (aka glass).

Acrylic is also shatterproof and impact-resistant. If it were to get knocked over or bumped into, your items would remain protected and you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up a big mess.

Unlike wood, acrylic also won’t rot or fade, making it useful for both indoor and outdoor displays.

3. Protection

Durability and protection go hand in hand, giving acrylic another plus in the win column. One of the great things about acrylic displays is they can protect items against things like fingerprints and even UV rays.

Art, for example, is better protected from harsh lighting or people trying to touch it. Even something simple like a makeup organizer keeps items protected from rubbing against each other or being crushed in a drawer.

4. Customization

One of the primary reasons we love acrylic is its customization abilities. Acrylic comes in a wide selection of colors, display options, and accompanying sizes.

It also has so many uses! From display pedestals to signage to sneeze guards and furniture, acrylic goes beyond just displays.

The high number of options businesses can choose from when selecting acrylic displays makes it the perfect choice for creative display ideas that fit the exact needs of a room, product, or aesthetic.

5. Easy to Clean

Regardless of what your acrylic display is used for, it will require cleaning. After all, dust spares no one.

The good news is acrylic is easy to clean. We have some resources that can help (see below) but the key to remember, don’t overdo it. No harsh chemicals or abrasives.

6. Lightweight

For mobile displays or displays you are constantly shifting, weight becomes a factor. Glass has about twice the density of an acrylic sheet, making it much heavier and complicated to move.

Acrylic is light, easy to move, and also much cheaper to ship.

The Highlights of Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are available in a number of display boxes and cases, fixtures, podiums, and more. For this reason, they’re an ideal option for businesses looking to add memorable and eye-catching elements into their product displays. A plexiglass display shelf, for example, might be ideal for a retailer looking to instantly capture the attention of customers while placing all attention on the products. On the other hand, a small acrylic display like a u-shaped acrylic riser may be all that’s needed to house a delicate item at the front of a store.

Finally, acrylic displays are ideal for retailers who want a lightweight, durable option to showcase their goods without compromising on transparency. The durable nature of acrylic plastic means that acrylic displays last much longer than displays made of wood, which are prone to rotting and fading, or metal which is likely to rust and patina. Acrylic is also relatively scratch resistant, making it ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Regardless of what you want to display what you want to display, acrylic plastic is a reliable, affordable, and eye-catching option you may want to consider for your display needs.

In the end, the right acrylic displays may make all the difference when it comes to landing a sale.