Display Pedestals

Floor standing and table-top laminate, wood pedestals or acrylic pedestals, sold individually or in sets, offer stylish and secure presentation of precious objects. Favored by galleries, corporate and residential clients, display pedestals for sculpture and other pieces are sufficiently arresting to be the focus of attention, but crafted to let your treasures tell their stories.

Art pedestals are equally appropriate for use in public and private spaces, for decorating, architectural interest, or merchandising. Available in matte and gloss finishes with or without covers, black pedestals, or crisp white pedestals deliver clean, modern lines.

From glassy acrylic pedestals to more rustic groupings, we have art pedestals to suit both your budget and your aesthetic.

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Acrylic pedestals offer height and focus attention on the displayed objects without appearing to take up visual space. Inspired by the boundless creativity associated with them in traditional and non-traditional displays, shopPOPdisplays offers a line of art display pedestals intended to add drama to visual merchandising, your home, or corporate interior spaces. Choose from natural wood veneers including maple, oak, walnut, and cherry, wood and reed construction, or acrylic. All pieces are American made by skilled fabricators.


Dress an unused corner, make use of empty square footage on a staircase landing by placing a beloved piece upon a wood pedestal; space and imagination are your only limiting factors.


Our collection includes white and black pedestals in several finishes and configurations. The simple yet timeless lines of pedestals make them indispensable components in striking visual presentations. Shop our pedestal display cases in glossy clear-coated wood, matte or high gloss laminate, with or without acrylic covers to highlight art pieces, collectibles, plants, or any item you deem worthy of exhibition.


With multiple shades, finishes, and textures from which to choose, designers suggest you consider the object, ensuring there is harmony of color and form between it and the statue pedestal on which it will rest. According to experts, your display pedestal should always fully support the weight of the object it holds, minimizing the need to drill either the object or the base itself. Our sturdy stands inspire full confidence, capable of holding just about any object you can think to place upon them.


Conversely, consider allowing your display objects to speak on their own, by placing them on clear acrylic “ghost pedestals.” Acrylic furniture and display accents benefit from the natural transparency of acrylic. They are the ultimate neutral blending seamlessly into any color palette. The minimized visual footprint appears and disappears as necessary, both a bold statement and a stylish whisper.


 Create a table grouping using one or more pedestal bases to add texture and height.

  • Cluster the arrangement in an odd number of three or five depending upon the space.
  • Choose a unifying theme, whether color, e.g., all white or black, or texture like acrylic or wood pedestals in varying heights, shapes, and sizes.
  • Add a graceful, flowing plant or floral arrangement, perhaps a framed photograph, display a treasure on another underneath an acrylic covered pedestal display stand,
  • Your space is instantly transformed.

Height is another reason to consider a pedestal display case as a design element in residential or commercial spaces. Using them between windows or as room dividers, they draw the eye up, making the proportions of the room appear larger. The use of a sculpture pedestal lifts objects to eye level. Studies show that in retail or exhibition environments, people faced with options displayed from top to bottom are most likely to purchase products placed at eye level as they stand comfortably. You could boost your trade show visibly or your retail sales considerably with this tip.


Whether it is a trophy or corporate icon, a treasured antique, a family heirloom or collectible, or simply something that bring you joy, objects on pedestals, with or without acrylic covers, make marvelous displays in lobbies,  a foyer, or in front of a grand window. Display pedestals capture the attention of anyone gazing at what’s on or in them.


Design Tip-rethinking lighting options

Challenged by decorating a dark room?

  • If you lack sufficient table space or an available floor lamp, consider using a white pedestal and matching table lamp to solve the problem.
  • Even better, make the lamp both useful and ornamental by choosing something decorative and complimentary to your décor.
  • Imagine displaying a stained glass lampshade or an otherwise dramatic feature or design on a sleek black pedestal.
  • With five standard footprints from 12” x 12” to 23” x 23” and six height options from 12” through 42” along with an unlimited number of custom fabrications, you can achieve just the atmosphere you desire.
  • Pedestal Sets include groupings with one of each height, 6”, 12”, 18” and 24”.


While you might choose just one light fixture as a feature, dare to add additional elements to create a vignette. Add a mirror or painting, another pedestal or two and some greenery for texture, visual interest, and style.


More than mere stages, sculpture pedestals find themselves reimagined as design objects in their own right as people place glass, acrylic, or even marble slabs atop them to create tables or decorative shelving.


Available in your choice of wood, clear acrylic, black and white matte or polished laminate, our pedestals enhance anything you choose to present. Great for museums, lobbies, foyers, and public spaces, they are equally well-suited to any home décor. Pedestals are likely among the simplest ways to add classic style to whatever rests upon them.