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Dump Bins

Dump Bins? Just barely. shopPOPdisplays.com prefers to see them as "elegant containers designed to optimally display bulk retail products." Our floor standing and countertop Dump Bins neatly present smaller products while maximizing surface and floor space. Encourage impulse buys near registers, or compliment larger displays by featuring add-on or upsell accessories.

Each of our options, available in wood, wire, or acrylic, feature minimal footprints while augmenting the amount of product that may be displayed.

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Using Dump Bins has very little to do with actually "dumping" your inventory. Dump Bins are highly efficient ways to feature multiple product offerings including overstocks, small discounted items, accessories or other key merchandise.


Feature items you want to highlight by seasonality, push product for quick sales, or encourage impulse purchases while customers wait in line to check out.


Despite the “cast off” name, give a little thought to using your dump bins:

  • Allow customers to quickly reach in, examine, and browse through available product.
  • Place them in locations to catch your shoppers attention. Avoid cluttered areas that won’t be trafficked.
  • Utilize signage to help shoppers get the value proposition
  • Remember, dump bins, even our floor standing models, are lightweight. Experiment with placement to see which areas sell best.
  • Proximity makes for additional sales. Pair bins with larger items and fill with accessories. 'You need gloves," for example, "to match that coat, right?"
  • Rotate the inventory. Make your bin offerings new and exciting, so repeat customers shop them each time they visit your location.