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Lighted Display Cases

Showcase your valuables with a lighted display case. Available in multiple styles and colors, these cases are perfect for highlighting products, collectibles, and artwork. Whether you need lighted display cases for collectibles or merchandise, you’ll find our cases and fixtures are durable, strong and elegant, made from high-quality materials such as wood, metal, glass and acrylic.

Our lighted showcase options include built-in LED lighting with dimmable, remote, and color-changing options. Cabinets are lighted displays that are lit from the top to illuminate the interior of the case and highlight merchandise. LED lights are long-lasting, use low energy and generate very little heat to illuminate your items as efficiently and safely as possible.

ShopPOPdisplays LED lighted display box, case or shelves can be used in many business settings, including museums and galleries, office and corporate settings, retail stores, boutiques and shops, restaurants and bakeries, exhibitions, events and more.

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Different lighted display cases available

Collectors and retailers know that it can be difficult to find the proper lighting that meets a variety of conditions and properly highlights merchandise to maximize sales opportunities or for collectibles with proper lighting to bring attention to your items?

ShopPOPdisplays carries several different options with a variety of lighting features to meet your needs. Our LED models can be used for presentation of merchandise such as jewelry or shoes, football and other sports memorabilia, baked goods, retail product, and more. They are suitable for use in museums, retail locations, restaurants, office settings, exhibitions, events and more.

Lighted pedestal display cases

Our lighted pedestal stands come in a variety of sizes—including small and large—as well as a variety of materials and colors. Plinths are available in acrylic, wood or laminate, with or without LED lighting, with or without a protective acrylic cover in wall-mounted, tabletop and floor-standing models.

Our lighted acrylic display case is an eye-catching presentation option with LED lights that light up the entire surface. Add a bit of liveliness to our acrylic pedestal with color-changing LED lighting and remotely control the colors, brightness, and color-changing modes.
Our laminate pedestals are available in several colors including white and black, gloss and matte, and wood finishes. Customizable options include metal or marble finishes. They can also be customized for concealed storage. Laminate pedestals have a LED light with a built-in on/off switch and dimmer.
Our wooden pedestals are manufactured with an all-wood veneer and finished with a durable clear coat. The built-in LED light highlights any item placed on the plinth. These bases are available in cherry, oak, maple, walnut, black matte, black gloss and white, and can be custom finished in metallic or marble and/or with concealed storage.

Lighted tower display cases

Tower display cases showcase your merchandise at eye-level. Our hex or square-shaped stands are available in black or cherry finishes and arrive pre-assembled. The tower units are 75” high with four glass display shelves. Built in LED lights at the top of the unit illuminate merchandise for a spectacular exhibit. Tower display cases feature adjustable shelf pins to accommodate a variety of different sized items. The hinged door secures with a plunger lock.

Lighted display cabinets

Our display cabinets with lights provide ample display storage and protect your products with built-in locks. Available with metal, wood or laminate frames, these glass-enclosed lighted display shelves add elegance to any space. Choose from floor-standing, free-standing or wall mounted, in a variety of heights, widths and shapes to fit your needs, including large and small cases. Select fixed, adjustable or cantilevered glass shelves in full or half-widths to stylishly arrange your merchandise. We have several options to choose in the way of merchandise cases, shoe cabinets, football trophy displays, and lighted jewelry display cases, including countertop display cases. LED lighting beautiful highlights the interior of these cabinets and the items being displayed.

Customized display cases with lights

ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of lighted display cases, showcases and boxes, which we sell wholesale in bulk nationwide direct from our factories. We make yours out of acrylic (also called plexiglass, Perspex, or Lucite) which is a durable type of plastic.

If we can’t meet your business needs with our in-stock products we’d be happy to build a custom case that does meet your needs. We can customize one special for you in the right size, and shape with exact features your business needs. We can even print yours with your brand image or other personalization. Contact us to discuss your endless options.