Trade Shows are Back! Is Your Booth 2022 Ready?

With COVID-19 cases on the decline, people are ready to return to face-to-face interaction. Like most industries, trade shows were forced to go virtual over the past two years, but now they are ready for an in-person comeback. “We, as an industry, have adjusted our processes to do our best to ensure the utmost safety for our attendees and exhibitors while keeping a close watch on ongoing developments,” David DuBois, President and CEO, IAEE told Trade Show News Network. “While no one can truly predict or guarantee what the coming year will bring, I do know that we are optimistic and determined to get our industry where it needs to be as quickly as possible.”


With that in mind, companies need to start figuring out how to freshen up their booths with impressive trade show displays so that attendees will want to pay a visit. Here’s a look at what’s in for this year and how to make it work in your booth.


Large, open convention hallway with different display setups bustling with people.


Five Hot Trends for 2022

Immersive Experiences

After an in-person hiatus, attendees are expecting companies to step it up by creating immersive experiences. Before the pandemic, vendors were bringing innovative technology—including VR and AR—into their trade show displays. Attendees will expect more of these “hands-on” experiences to walk into a booth and stay long enough to really learn about the merchandise and/or services.


Hybrid Events

Companies must realize that not everyone will be comfortable in a convention-type space, so preparing for a combination of virtual and in-person events will be a necessity. According to the Event Outlook Report from Bizzabo, 93 percent of business leaders plan to invest in virtual event strategies this year, and 97 percent of event markets expect to see a growth in hybrid events. This will mean extra work, with companies needing to set up a physical trade show displays, as well as virtual options.


Focus on Sustainability

Consumers are more focused on being environmentally friendly, with a survey by GreenPrint, a global environmental technology company, finding that 64 percent of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products. It’s important to show possible customers that you are an eco-conscious company with sustainable trade show displays.


Safe Space

Safety is still a top priority for both trade show attendees and exhibitors. In fact, research from Northstar Meetings Group, 73 percent of event planners are planning to have attendees follow safety protocols, such as wearing masks and social distancing. This needs to be kept at the forefront when planning trade show display layouts.


Creative Signage

Your signage is the first thing attendees will see so consider thinking beyond simple banners. Make sure it stands out by taking up as much space as possible, as well as using bright colors and unique lighting. Think customized blades, banners, and flags.



Simple Ways to Get Attention with Your Trade Show Display


Lead the eye to multiple levels. Create trade show displays at varying heights so the eye continually has somewhere to move it. Think multi-level shelving, pop-up countertops, and pedestals to keep visitors engaged.



Add some color. Bright colors can add that wow factor you’re looking for to attract visitors into your booth. Choose one bold hue to showcase throughout the space and use it with your customized signage, display pedestals, acrylic display risers, and more.



Get interactive. Avoid attendees standing around waiting to speak to you, set up an interactive demo or custom installation that will keep them busy while you speak with other visitors.


Put a light on the subject. Place a spotlight on your trade show displays using interesting lighting like lighted pedestals. You don’t want to go too crazy—stay away from flashing lights that can irritate people and keep them at bay.



Create a safe space. People will still be mindful of social distancing, so make sure your trade show display design allots for this, so everyone feels safe. Ensure that visitors respect one another’s personal space using retail barriers, and if possible, set separate areas for one-on-one meetings so that potential customers feel more comfortable sitting down to talk away from the crowd.



Showcase clear signage. Make pertinent information about your products—as well as entrance and exit to your booth to control crowds—easy to find with a variety of floor and wall signage and stands.



Keep it clean. Potential visitors to your booth will feel more secure if they notice that your trade show displays are being sanitized often. You can also provide hand sanitizer for guests in the booth centrally located near merchandise literature as well as custom takeaway trade show swag.


It’s always important to plan and layout your trade show booth to promote flow. However, this year it makes even more sense as trade shows are making a comeback after a pandemic hiatus. We hope these trends spark trade show display ideas you can incorporate into your trade show booths. Contact us, with any questions. We’ll gladly assist you in creating a memorable trade show experience.