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Shelf Talker Displays

At shopPOPdisplays we have a wide selection of shelf talker displays to help you get your merchandise noticed. Ours can be showcased on any counter, retail shelf, or display fixture. These retail shelf talkers are available in various sizes to accommodate your specific space and are perfect for displaying prices, labels, and other product details your customers and your employees. Promote sales, special events, product attributes and coupons with these handy plastic shelf label holders.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic shelf talkers that we offer for sale
wholesale nationwide direct from our factories. The popular sizes of our retail shelf talkers: small and large, are in stock and available for you today. Our shelf talkers are made of acrylic, the common name for plexiglass (also called Perspex), which is similar to Lucite; all are types of plastic.

Our plastic shelf talkers are a good way to help you communicate what’s unique about your products. Product shelf talker holders can also have bar codes and important information on it to help your staff track inventory and orders and look up information for customers. Whether you need small or large shelf talkers, we can be your go-to manufacturer of custom shelf talkers that suit your needs.

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Plastic shelf talkers can be used in a variety of situations like small or large pop displays, on shelves and in areas of your store with display designs. Depending on the labels you create to go inside of it, a customized one can also be colorful to help products stand out or to draw attention to a sale item. Don’t forget to ask someone on our team about how we can create completely custom plastic shelf talkers for retail and in just about any other space you can think of. Call shopPOPdisplays to learn more about how shelf talker display pieces can help your business thrive.