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Sign Holders and Stands

Signs are an important part of any display, alerting people to sales, teeing up menu items, providing product information, helping with wayfinding, adding brand flavor, and much more. There are almost as many types of sign holders as there are uses for them. At shopPOPdisplays, we offer a huge selection of single- and double-sided sign holders and stands in an array of materials and small to large sizes. Floor standing, portable, pedestal and desktop sign holders and stands come in shatter-resistant acrylic and plastic, as well as lightweight aluminum, chrome and other metals. Most can be used indoors or out, unless otherwise indicated. Sign holders and stands with weighted bases add extra stability when needed.
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Subcategories in Sign Holders and Stands


ShopPOPdisplays offers hundreds of sign holders and stands in its catalog for all types of uses. And, we have a full staff of experienced craftspeople on hand who can create just about anything from optically clear, infinitely malleable acrylic—including custom sizes and shapes, custom colors and etched designs that showcase and complement a brand. Here’s a quick overview of a few different categories to help you determine which is right for you. You can find our entire collection of sign holders, stands and chalkboards here. For the best way to clean and care for acrylic, visit our Acrylic Care and Cleaning page.

Portable sign holders and stands – A godsend for trade shows organizers and others who need to move their displays from place to place and store them conveniently, portable sign holders and stands are lightweight and, for all except the smallest, collapsible. Some, such as our three-step stair display, have legs that unscrew for easy portability and storage. Larger ones such as portable clear acrylic display pedestals and display tables fold flat after use. Sturdy, knock-down open shelf units that sit atop countertops or tables may be perfect for craft shows, farmers markets and temporary retail displays.

Floor standing sign holders and stands – Perfect for those who want to draw attention without taking up an inordinate amount of square footage, sleek floor standing sign holders and stands come in a variety of designs and materials to complement any design or décor. They also make it easy to change out signs or posters as needed, which means they can be used time and again as an economical solution for signage. Some, such as clear acrylic floor standing poster stands and sign holders with a modern vibe, add a touch of elegance or create a presence that can’t be ignored. Others, such as one- and two-tiered metal and aluminum models, are more budget-friendly. S-shaped fabric stands with custom designs are perfect for those wanting to provide a unique brand experience that really stands out. Those with weighted bases can be used indoors or out to provide a little extra stability in high-traffic areas or weather-affected situations such as sidewalks and outdoor dining tables.

Countertop/desktop sign holders and stands – Sturdy and lightweight, sign holders and stands for use on countertops, desktops and tables come in several styles and dimensions to place signs upright or at an angle for easy viewing. There are also multi-panel sign holders that can display four to six different signs simultaneously. Top loading, bottom loading and side loading options are available, as are shelf talker displays that attached to the front of display shelves. Magnetic close sign holders combine attractiveness, ease of use and a style that suits any décor.