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Multi Panel Sign Holders

At shopPOPdisplays, our multi panel sign holders are the perfect choice for enhancing your promotional material. The multi-sided design maximizes exposure and ensures your marketing materials can always be seen at nearly any angle. We carry a wide range of multi-panel plastic sign holders - double sided sign holder, 3-sided sign holder, and even 6-sided sign holders – and they’re ideal for showcasing restaurant menus, information sheets, and other promotional graphics.

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What are the Benefits of Multi-Panel Sign Holders?

In the world of clear plastic sign holders, multi-panel sign holders are the best at showcasing advertising material at all angles. In this category, you’ll find acrylic sign holders that, at the very least, have two sides and only increase in number. Why so many sides, you may ask?

With more sides, more advertising or informative impact can be made at more angles. One could say that multi-panel sign holders can always bring you more. A good rule of thumb with multi-sided sign holders is the larger the potential audience, the more sides you would want. 3-sided sign holders or double sided sign holders would suffice for smaller tables, where for larger settings 4-sided sign holders or bigger would be more appropriate.

Are Multi-Panel Sign Holders Easy to Use?

As with any clear acrylic display, multi-panel table tents work great as menu holders, retail displays, and photo and picture frames. Loading image in these displays is as easy as sliding images through either the top or bottom of the display area. Some models of multi-sided sign displays spin on rotating bases for even more effective advertising. Need a special multi-panel plastic sign holder? Contact us for custom orders!

What are the Use Cases for Multi-Panel Sign Holders?

Multi-panel sign holders are the perfect option for displaying promotional materials and make an excellent choice for your visual marketing needs. Whether you work in a retail environment, are attending a trade show, or are promoting an exhibit at a gallery or museum, multi-panel sign holders allow you to display a lot of information in a small amount of space. Available in a variety of sizes, they are ideal for table tents, menu holders, photo and picture frames, and retail displays.