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Acrylic Tiered Step Displays

Do you need to display a lot of items at once in a limited footprint? Acrylic tiered step display risers are the perfect solution! Similar in appearance to stairs, acrylic stair step risers provide multiple surface areas for displaying items. Another benefit of having acrylic step shelves is you don’t have to worry about managing a bunch of different loose risers. For those who want a quick and efficient display with lots of surface area, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than acrylic tiered step risers. Find out more below!

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Acrylic tiered display risers are quick and efficient display pieces that can help boost retail sales. Usually, these risers come as one solid piece, which means the set up process is virtually non-existent. Just put your acrylic stair step riser where you want and place your display items on top. These risers are great for visual merchandising, retail or tradeshow environments, and display cases. Commonly used for jewelry, stair steps risers are also great for displaying anything that can fit on the steps – toiletries, perfumes and colognes, minerals, crafts, knick-knacks, memorabilia, watches – you name it, these acrylic step shelves can display it.

At shopPOPdisplays, we also keep the traveler in mind with our knock down options. Knock down means that a display can be taken apart or flattened for easy storage and travel. Some of our acrylic stair step risers have this ability, giving you quick and efficient on-the-go displays the moment you need them with no tools required!

What are acrylic step risers?

Acrylic step risers or acrylic tiered risers are a type of acrylic riser that has a similar appearance to stairs and provide multiple surface areas for displaying items. The tiered steps provide retailers with a traditional display style while maximizing surface area in a compact footprint.

What are common sizes for acrylic step risers?

Acrylic step risers come in a wide variety of sizes but the most common are 2 step and 3 step risers. These are common because they fit nicely into retail counters and are easy to handle.