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Political Campaign Supplies & Displays

It's campaign season! Though, really, is it ever not campaign season? From the national level to local elections, it's not hard to find political campaign activity these days. Some political campaigns require years of stumping (i.e. federal, state, county), while others last just a few weeks or months (i.e. municipal, school board, student office). But they all need political campaign displays to communicate their party's candidate, party, and position they're seeking.

Political campaign displays help a candidate stand out, boosting the candidate's exposure as well as voter recall come election day. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a wide selection of political campaign supplies to help you put, and keep, your candidate's name in the spotlight.

Successful political campaign displays keep messaging simple with just the candidate's name, position they are campaigning for, and any affiliated party colors or branding. Posters, yard signs, flyers, and other signage that do so help increase your candidate's name recognition when used in public spaces.

Literature holders- such as a plastic countertop or wall mount tri fold pamphlet holder or our plastic convertible holder for bi-fold and tri-fold campaign brochures and flyers- help introduce your candidate and their policies. Our wood and acrylic 2 tier countertop display, collapsible is ideal for larger events and conventions since it packs flat and is easy to assemble and disassemble. A chrome poster stand with flat base can feature your candidate at campaign headquarters. Signage at tables, including our multi panel sign holders and tent style sign holders, can be used at fundraisers, polling places, and convention booths. Directional signage (acrylic sign holders, metal poster stands, and counter mats) at polling locations, campaign headquarters, or a caucus aid in directing voters and volunteers to where they need to be.

For campaign speeches and political debates, we have a variety of podiums, pulpits, and lecterns to choose from. Options include portable tabletop pulpits, wood and acrylic podiums (with or without sound), and even custom printed podiums to complement your candidate's party affilitation. Custom printed display pedestals for rallies, political conventions, and campaign stops are also available and can be used to further draw attention to your platform.

Use custom banners, flags, and portale displays to announce campaign slogans and party logos on a larger scale. From pop up counters to retratable or non-retractable banners, shopPOPdisplays has a selection that's sure to call attention to your cause. Custom tradeshow backdrops and table covers for a convention booth help to enhance voter recall. Display boxes, such as our 5 sided box with optional removable divider, can contain campaign merch (koozies, pens, pins, hats, stickers, and magnets) at conventions or on election day at the local polling place.

Lastly, ballot boxes are a versatile political campaign display. Use them to collect votes in a student election; cash or checks at a fundraising event; or constituents' contact information for mailing lists at conventions and other appearances. Like all of our ballots boxes, the 8x8x8 deluxe acrylic ballot box keeps information secure with a locking mechanism.

Whether you're organizing a caucus in a large, convention center or a rally in a school gymnasium, shopPOPdisplays has stock and custom political campaign supplies and displays. We specialize in custom displays, so whatever message you want to communicate to voters, we can help you create it.

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