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Any business owner worth their salt knows the importance of a well-executed window display - not only does it help give the retail store instant curb appeal, but it also offers an enticing peek of what's inside and grabs potential customers' attention before they even walk through the door. A shop window display can be the determining factor of whether customers enter the store, and some can even spark social media buzz if it's deemed creative enough to be shared. As the first direct contact between your store and potential customers, window displays set the tone for the entire shopping experience and differentiate you from the competition, so you'll want to start off on the right foot.

Designing appealing store window displays requires functional, versatile merchandisers that bring out the best qualities of your inventory, whether you own an apothecary, bakery, bookstore, or clothing boutique. ShopPOPdisplays has a myriad of multipurpose products to help realize your best window displays. Acrylic pedestal risers and clear acrylic boxes are wonderful options for open window displays since their transparency won't impede shoppers from seeing inside the store. Wall mount display cases are suitable for closed window displays and shadowbox window displays, as they require a background wall and draw the eye to a particular product. Retail display tables and mirrored pedestals raise smaller merchandise to an eye-catching dimension within elevated window displays or island window displays. And each merchandiser will last you through countless retail window display ideas as you rearrange them for new seasons and sales celebrations. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Window Displays:

How do window displays attract customers?

As much as we've all been told not to judge a book by its cover, many of us are still guilty of scanning the shelves waiting for one to catch our attention. Think of retail window displays as the book cover of your store - the more creative and visually appealing that first point of contact with your customers is, the more likely it is that they'll venture inside.

Window displays attract customers by highlighting your best new products and building a creative story around them. Using the psychology of colors can subconsciously grab customers' attention and get your message across. While yellow is associated with happiness and optimism, red signifies urgency and blue connotes confidence and stability. The right lighting will emphasize your colors and products while building an enticing focal point with merchandisers that add dimension will surely hold people's gaze.

How do you make a good window display?

The key to making a good window display is knowing your audience well and knowing your own brand even better. It's important to understand your customers' interests in and outside of your business to relate and appeal to them with props and creative themes within your window displays. But the trick is to always keep your branding at the center and stay true to your ethos more than anything else. Great retail window displays are a continuation of and glimpse into the message you want your company to send to existing and potential customers. They're simple yet impactful and require strategic planning to perfect the specific lighting, colors, product placement, and dimensions used throughout to make people look twice and ultimately enter your store.

What products are commonly used in window displays?

Clear acrylic display cubes, risers of different shapes and sizes, and pedestals are among the most commonly used merchandisers in store window displays, as they elevate products to fresh, eye-catching dimensions. Tables are also often used to emphasize  products and are versatile enough to be reused time after time as you produce new window display ideas.

What is the difference between window displays and visual merchandising?

The all-encompassing concept of visual merchandising consists of the colors you use, the way in which you arrange products, the specific lighting throughout your store, the strategic layout, how it smells, what music you play - all these things come together to create a cohesive aesthetical story about your retail brand. Window displays are a single element of that total visual merchandising story. You should have an established visual merchandising concept and overall direction before producing a store window display, as it should utilize similar components as the rest of the store and online presence.

Retail Window Display Ideas:

Preparing an attractive window display for your store? ShopPOPdisplays has quality, versatile merchandisers that you need to bring your vision to life and get customers through the door. Here are some ideas for utilizing our products in ways that make the best use of your space and properly highlight and promote your inventory.

Display boxes: Imagine how uninspiring your store window display would be if all the products were just lined up on the floor without any attempt at strategic placement or dimension. shopPOPdisplays' variety of boxes can be used to raise up products to more interesting heights, which automatically draws the eye. Clear acrylic boxes elevate everything from rare books to designer bags, while keeping the space feeling open and airy. The reflective surface of mirrored cube risers has the potential to make your window display look larger and fuller. You can even work with our experts to create custom printed acrylic boxes that fit the theme of your window display or feature your logo for ongoing use.

Pedestals: While the more obvious use of pedestals is literally and figuratively elevate products, our range of finishes - from marble-effect to stained wood - ensures they look beautiful even on their own. If you have more elegant or glamorous window display ideas in mind, opt for our mirrored pedestals, which come in a variety of shades to match your seasonal themes.  Acrylic pedestals with LED lights instantly brighten up your window display and illuminate the products on top and around them. Great for propping mannequins atop or using to create a foundation of height for smaller products, cube table pedestals are as sturdy as they are versatile. Custom printed pedestals are also valuable for enhancing your window display theme and really driving home your specific logo and color palette.

Risers: Another great example of merchandisers that raise your products up to attention-grabbing heights, risers come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Acrylic block risers are perfect for showcasing all types of jewelry from necklaces to rings, as they allow light to shine through and the entire piece to be seen. You can put anything from body lotions to decorative coffee mugs on U-shaped risers, and acrylic platform display risers have different numbers of shelves that create an appealing tiered effect. You can place them towards the back of your window display to really highlight the products that would have otherwise gotten lost or overlooked.

Wall mount display cases: These are a smart choice for closed or shadowbox window displays, which both have the background wall required to make them work. Wall mounted cases save on floor space, while showcasing your products at an attention-grabbing height. The small and large versions look equally professional and add an extra layer of protection to your inventory, which can come in particular handy for luxury consignment shops and sports memorabilia retailers.

Signage: A visual merchandising necessity for every retailer, signage communicates important messages to your customers through the window, allowing you to speak directly to them before they even come inside. You can actually create an effective and creative window display with signage alone - our experts will work with you to come up with custom signage that really hits the mark. Floor standing sign holders are also a straightforward way to convey messages without having to overhaul your entire window display. Simply change out the signs or move them inside the store when you need to revamp.

Retail display tables: Think of retail display tables as the stages in which your products give their best performance. They're the foundational pieces that lift products up and provide enough space to highlight a range of related merchandise to really sell a story. Our clear acrylic table can be disassembled and stored flat, which saves storage space when it's not in use, while our 3 tier rectangular table combines a large amount of display space into one single unit. Consider combining risers and boxes with your table display to add even more dimension and interest.

Mirrors: Shiny objects never fail to turn heads, which is why mirrors are a wonderful addition to your retail window displays. The reflective surface creates depth and dimension, making your display seem larger and the products within it more important. You can choose from all different shapes and sizes, mount them to the walls, stand them on the floors, and use them in combination with lights to create an even more bold appearance.

Wooden display stands: Wooden furniture has the ability to modernize your retail space, while also providing an element of natural beauty and warmth within your window displays. Its versatility also ensures it's just as suited for cafes, paper stores, boutiques, and coffee shops. Our wooden display carts are the perfect props for creating a rustic scene, and nesting crates can be used much in the same way as risers (to lift products up and create dimension). Wooden barrels are just the thing you need to showcase wine and grapes in a liquor store window display, and our Woodland Park Collection consists of collapsible wooden pieces that can be used together to build a story.