The Surprising Way to Modernize Your Retail Store: Wooden Furniture

One of the oldest and most reliable building materials, wood is notably both sturdy enough for laying foundations and aesthetically pleasing enough for interior decorating. The ability of wood furniture to stand up to years of wear and tear means it has the potential to be passed down through generations and found in decent shape at vintage shops, but that doesn’t equate to it being dated. In fact, decorating with wood can modernize a space when done correctly, and its versatility ensures it can easily be incorporated into any retail store from boutiques to cafes. Read on to find out our thoughts and suggestions pertaining to wood furniture.





Why Wood Furniture Isn’t Old Fashioned


While there’s certainly a time and place for the sleek and shiny retail merchandisers, you’d be remiss to turn your nose up to also decorating with wood and equally reliable wood alternatives. It’s a material that never goes out of style and can easily be updated with a fresh stain, trendy color of paint, or even an oil rub to bring its natural beauty back to life. Wood furniture continues to endure decades of ever-changing trends, and we credit that to its ability to bring the innate beauty of Mother Nature indoors. It adds warmth and charm to otherwise cold and overly minimalistic space and enhances the personality and inviting atmosphere of a retail shop. Plus decorating wooden furniture, the right way will look effortlessly put together and rarely overdone.


How Wood Furniture Can Be Used in Your Retail Store


Retail stores routinely utilizing wooden display stands understand and take into account the value and benefits of the material, and shopPOPdisplays’ selection of wooden and wood alternative merchandisers ensures there’s plenty of options to choose from.


Our new Woodland Park Collection, which is made from quality environmentally friendly composite wood pieces, is perfect for adding touches of natural warmth to your store, whether you plan to use them permanently or based on need. Plus, you can easily disassemble them into flat storage between uses.


The wooden floor standing display with configurable shelves is ideal for creating a custom display that feels particularly approachable, whether you’re showcasing candles and lotions or sports accessories. The clean lines and sturdy stature of the portable wooden counter provide a checkout space that is as reliable as it is understated, and the smooth front panel serves as a spacious blank canvas for your logo – our custom digital UV printing experts guarantee that decorating wooden furniture with your logo looks flawless every time. Even the smaller wooden countertop displays can be personalized with a printed emblem, so customers will visually recognize your brand as they shop for merchandise at eye level.




5 Modern Tips for Decorating with Wood Furniture


Select Warm-Toned Wood: The goal of any and every retail store is to feel like an inviting and energizing place to shop, a place where people believe they’re welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. Warm colors are naturally associated with those cozy feelings, so warm-toned wood – like cherry, mahogany, oak, and hickory – is sure to give your store that coveted homey touch. The beautiful light shade of the Woodland Park Collection has a distinctly golden undertone that catches customers’ attention as it brightens up the store.


Stain and shellac can transform wooden furniture and elevate the retail display.



Mix and Match Wood Tones: Sometimes too much of a good thing really is a terrible thing, like in the case of decorating with wood decor and displays in overly matchy-matchy shades that can potentially lean boring and redundant. Combining assorted colors of wood with similar undertones creates more interest and personality. Consider utilizing Woodland Park’s warm wood displays alongside one of our four shelf wooden open displays in the Cherry finish for some color contrast. The pairing keeps within the same family of warm tones for a cohesive effect but also adds dimension.


Mix-and-match wood and painted shades for an eclectic vibe.



Alternate Wood Furniture with Other Materials: Just as too much of the same thing can be remarkably underwhelming, too many different shades of wood furniture can overwhelm the eye. That’s why mixing wood furniture with acrylic, metal, and painted pieces is another smart option for visually breaking things up a bit. Try incorporating any of our wire displays or acrylic risers into your retail store or opt for a neutral or colorfully painted piece, like a table or shelves.


Accent wood with other materials like metals, glass, and paper, to allow the eye to rest.


Paint Wood Furniture: Decorating wooden furniture with a fresh stain or coat of paint is one way to revive, refresh or completely revamp it. The transformative power of paint is something a lot of decorators use to their advantage when refurbishing old wooden pieces. While a natural stain or neutral shade of paint are certainly versatile choices, a bold pop of color gives an originally natural-looking piece a whole new, attention-grabbing vibe. Just be sure to not go too far into left field with your color choice or it’ll feel out of place.



Yellow painted wardrobe closet with white and purple flowers.
Paint a wooden wardrobe a color with or without pattern to complement the space aesthetic. Instant and interesting storage cabinet!



Incorporate Colorful Accents: Speaking of color, a vibrant accent piece, like a visually appealing sign or an aptly placed bold chair, can draw the eye to or in the vicinity of your wood furniture while breathing new life into its existence. Vibrant accents balance the neutrality of wood and can act as the conversation-starting counterpart to their more subdued nature.


Make a statement with painted wooden furniture! Make your place POP!

Final Thoughts


While interior design trends may come and go, decorating with wood furniture is a failsafe choice that will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. Not only is it a great option for now, its durability and timelessness ensure it will last you through store remodeling and redecorating in years to come.