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Farmer's Market Displays

At shopPOPdisplays we offer a selection of displays and fixtures for farmer's market vendors. Whether you’re displaying fresh produce from your farm, or handmade crafts from your home, we have a number of eye-catching displays. From signage to carts to tabletop shelving, we stock and supply high-quality acrylic and wooden products at a competitive rate. If you'd like custom-sized or custom-printed products, contact us today.
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What is the Purpose of a Farmer's Market?

Farmer's markets have deep roots in cultures around the world. Originally, these markets began as a way for farmers to sell food directly to consumers, without losing money through middlemen. Today, farmer's markets are a great way for communities to come together and browse products ranging from food grown in community gardens, to homemade crafts.

How Can I Stand Out at a Farmer's Market?

First impressions are everything! If you'd like to stand out at a farmer's market, it's important to create a basic brand, and keep your booth clean, organized, and in-line with your self-determined brand. Make sure that your booth's decor follows a clear theme, and always greet customers with your full attention!

Which Products Sell the Best at a Farmer's Markets?

The best-selling products at a farmer's market will depend on your region. However, a few types of products tend to enjoy sustained popularity at the farmer's market. Successful farmer's market booths may offer homemade cosmetics like soaps and balms. Or, they may offer freshly baked bread, jams, and even beer! Before selling any products, take a look at what is already being offered, and ensure your product offerings align with local regulations.

What are Some Tips to Driving Traffic to Your Farmer's Market Stand

To drive the most traffic to your farmer's market stand, first, focus on your product offering. They should be unique, or exceptionally popular farmer's market mainstays. Then, design a booth that properly displays your offering. For jewelry, use specially designed jewelry displays. For food, use wooden baskets or long-lasting, food-safe plastic displays.