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Floor Standing Basket Displays

Our selection of floor standing baskets help you convey handmade and artisanal to your customers. Suitable for seasonal produce, wrapped sandwiches, bagged snacks, those are only the first items that come to mind. Use our floor standing baskets to merchandise anything that fits in them. Their open design encourages "quick grab" impulse buying. The narrow footprints and tiered designs allow for maximum selling on minimal space.

The rustic but polished look of baskets suits multiple environments.

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ShopPOPdisplays.com carries a wide variety of floor standing basket displays to fit your retail needs. Floor standing display units maximizes floor space while showcasing a large assortment of products for customers to choose from. Products are usually sorted into different baskets, with popular items placed higher on the display rack at eye level to drive the most sales.

Wooden baskets & display stands offer a more decorative, rustic look to showcase your products. Woven baskets are often used by merchandisers to indicate products that are natural or hand crafted to customers.

Wire baskets & display stands are popular choices for retailers looking for the best value. Wire display stands are durable and take up minimal space, with a streamline profile is perfect for showcasing products directly to customers.