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ShopPOPdisplays' Z-stand easels stand on their own, displaying your company literature in an attractive and accessible way. Made of clear acrylic, they complement any display case or table-top presentation. Our Z-stand easels have an angled design, allowing a clear view of the merchandise to viewers. It is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of objects such as business cards, picture frames, books, and more!

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Regular maintenance will help keep the acrylic Z-display stand easels looking clean and clear. To ensure the beauty and longevity of your acrylic Z-display stand easels, clean using non-abrasive soft cloths, mild soap, and warm water. We recommend Novus Products to clean, protect, and repair acrylic.

If you can't find products to meet your needs, please contact us for custom options. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low minimum quantity, ideal for businesses looking to add branding or anyone looking for a designer touch.

What are acrylic Z stands?

Acrylic Z stands are specialized merchandising tools to help showcase books, jewelry, cell phones and small art pieces. They are called Z stands because their side profile is shaped like the letter Z. Clear acrylic is a popular choice of material for Z stands due to its clarity and strength. Acrylic Z stands come in a variety of sizes to best suit the product being displayed.