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Slatwall Accessories

Hooks and hinges, mirrors and boxes - the list of items available for Slatwall Accessories can seem endless, but we got the good stuff! The benefit of slatwall is that you can make your retail displays as simplistic or ornate as you want. With this endless amount of customization, business owners can craft the perfect display. Use our jewelery hangers with one of our hanging acrylic mirrors, pair clothing together to suggest buying complete outfits, use one of our many slatwall sign holders to drive attention to sale items - the possibilities are endless. And remember, don't hesitate to contact us if you get lost on your slatwall journey - we're here to help!

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What are common retail slatwall accessories?

Retailers can choose a wide variety of slatwall accessories for their stores. Retail stores commonly use hooks for showcasing clothing, acrylic storage bins for organizing accessories, and shelves for displaying flat items.

What are some slatwall retail display ideas?

Retailers love to use a combination of slatwall accessories to maximize space and visual impact. Examples include jewelry stores using slatwall hooks to display necklaces and clear acrylic bins to store rings. Home decor stores using slatwall baskets to organize small decorative items and slatwall shelves to merchandise sculptures.

What are the different types of slatwall hooks?

Slatwall hooks come in many colors, sizes, and styles. The wire hook is one of the most common styles of hooks and comes in sizes from 2" to 12" long. The three most popular colors are chrome, white and black.

What is a slatwall waterfall?

A slatwall waterfall is an angled metal bar with multiple spacers to separate products. A waterfall hook replaces the spacers with hooks. These are commonly used by clothing retailers to showcase clothing on hangers and handbags.