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Acrylic Furniture

shopPOPdisplays stocks a varied selection of handcrafted acrylic furniture and lucite furniture, perfect for home or commercial use. Modern design and natural transparency add unique visual elements without clutter. Our furniture features sturdy high-quality acrylic with excellent clarity.

shopPOPdisplays.com’s team of skilled fabricators led by master craftsmen with more than 40 years’ experience fashion each piece of acrylic furniture to order with care and great pride in our New Jersey workshop. Mid-century modern, any of these pieces of lucite furniture make ideal accents or centerpieces for any room. Our unique inventory of plexiglass, lucite, and acrylic furniture includes items ideal for home or commercial use.

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Acrylic Furniture


"The plastics industry came of age during the Second World War. " - PlasticsToday.com


After World War II, manufacturers scouted non-military applications for a product that proved its durability in the form of fighter plane windshields, submarine periscopes, and bomber noses. The 1939 World's Fair first showcased the fabrication of lucite furniture. Used initially for high-end Hollywood-styled glamour designs, Hungarian artist and set designer Ladislas Medgyes created one-of-a-kind plexiglass pieces for Helena Rubinstein's New York City apartment. While neither particularly practical nor affordable, these pieces established acrylic glass furniture as viable. Prized for its stylishness and adaptability, clear plexiglass furniture experienced a renaissance in the '60s and '70s. Designers continue to love it. It's back, and here to stay.


What makes it special?

  • Its transparency speaks boldly or whispers quietly against any décor
  • Clear, it is the ultimate neutral
  • Its minimal visual footprint make it ideal for small spaces
  • Acrylic's flexibility as a design material means almost any style or item, from coffee, waterfall, and end tables to consoles or bar carts can be fabricated

shopPOPdisplays.com's inventory of acrylic and lucite furniture includes items ideal for home or commercial use. High style, durability, and lasting value make any of these pieces ideal additions to any residential or commercial space.