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Acrylic Shelves

Acrylic shelving is a versatile and long-lasting solution for all your display needs for merchandise, antiques, keepsakes, and prized collectibles and is ideal in a wide array of environments. Acrylic shelves are not only durable with its impressive shatter-resistant quality as compared to glass alternatives but also lends an easy-going sophisticated aesthetic to every space. Acrylic shelves have a sleek, yet functional vibe that supports and complements merchandise and personal collectibles alike making them the focal point of any showroom, gallery, or visual merchandising presentation. From knock down (KD) acrylic shelving, and wall-mounted designs, to acrylic riser display stands, shopPOPdisplays has a wide variety of stock and custom styles to suit your needs. Ideal for retail environments, galleries, trade shows, pop-up events, schools, and home use, acrylic shelving simply and securely highlights products, gems, keepsakes, and novelties in sophisticated style. Contact us with any question or for more information on our quality acrylic shelves. We’ll gladly assist you!

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Can acrylic be used for shelves?

Yes, acrylic shelves are a wonderful choice for display shelves. They are available in classic colors or popular transparent to complement any space. Acrylic shelving is sleek and desirable for all types of locations such as retail, galleries, event spaces, and more. Acrylic is significantly lighter than glass and up to 17 times as strong, making it a preferred material for visual merchandisers and high-traffic environments. Acrylic shelves make beautiful displays under lighting, in windows, and surrounded by colorful or visually stimulating elements like twinkle lights, LED spotlights, electric candlelight, etc. that easily transforms and illuminates product promotions or collectibles.


Yes, acrylic shelves are sturdy and durable. Acrylic shelving has high-impact resistance and are much stronger than its glass counterparts. Acrylic shelving has shatter-resistant qualities and are neutral, so they complement every décor style.


What are the advantages of acrylic shelving?

Acrylic shelving is durable, shatter resistant, décor neutral and complements both retail and residential spaces. Acrylic shelves support and showcase an array of items of varying weights and sizes with the proper mounting accessories. Since acrylic shelves are practically shatterproof and impact-resistant, they can endure more pressure than glass shelving and offer comparable clarity, making them more dependable and a safer choice.


Will acrylic shelves bend or warp?

The number one reason acrylic shelves bend or warp is exposure to heat. Acrylic shelves do not have a high tolerance for heat and will begin to bend or warp at approximately 80 degrees F. For best results, keep acrylic shelving in a cool climate-controlled environment.


How much weight can an acrylic shelf hold?

The amount of exact weight that any given acrylic shelf can hold is exclusively dependent on its thickness. However, what is known is that acrylic shelving is approximately 30 times greater than its glass pane alternative of the same thickness, making acrylic shelving a safer and more prudent choice.


Use Cases

Retail Displays: Create an attractive display in your boutique or retail environment with the clean look of acrylic shelving. This modern platform will allow your items to shine and provides a contemporary backdrop for your trending merchandise, collectibles, and personal treasures such as pottery, picture frames, ornate vases, or interesting books.


Corporate Office Displays: Utilize acrylic shelving to showcase awards and other novel achievements celebrating your business and client successes. Present trophies, medals, plaques, and other honorary mementos on modern design neutral acrylic shelf fixtures.


Home Shelving: Ideal for living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen displays, utilizing acrylic shelving is a dynamic way to add creative flair to any environment in your home by displaying your favorite jars, succulents, keepsakes, and whimsical tchotchkes.


Museum Displays: Display your favorite pieces of artwork on a neutral elegant platform with acrylic shelving. Whether you are using clear, white, or black acrylic shelves—any medium of art ranging from framed photographs to artisan ceramics will be supported by the durability and strength of these modern shelves.


Cannabis Dispensary Displays:  From elaborate looking bowls, vape pens, tinctures, and concentrates, acrylic shelves allow cannabis products to truly stand out against any backdrop. Offering a minimalist presentation allows consumers to comfortably peruse the shop’s product selections.


Gallery/Photography Displays: Ideal for any art studio and a wonderful propping station for eye-catching exhibits like framed photography, paintings, and drawings, acrylic shelving is an ideal way to showcase any exhibit or visual story without stealing the limelight.