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You've paid dearly for each square foot of your retail space. Let shopPOPdisplays.com ensure that you merchandise every inch to best effect using gridwall. Gridwall, a durable, affordable and flexible retail display solution helps you save space creatively, organize and present your product offerings to attract interest and increase sales.

shopPOPdisplays.com carries gridwall panels, connectors, brackets, bases and a range of accessories to help you. Choose from bins, trays, racks, shelves and hooks to effectively create visual stories to attract and engage your customers.

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Featuring steel wire-grid shapes constructed for durability, our gridwall frame materials may include powder-coated or vinyl dipped finishes to extend product life-protecting against corrosion and wear. Begin your gridwall design with a stationary floor base, or one mounted on casters for greater flexibility. Additional panels and accessories can be connected to the unit with fasteners specifically designed to keep them in place while allowing adjustments.


Further customize your displays with the additions of gridwall hooks, glass or metal shelves and trays, increasing your unit's functionality. By placing panels in various configurations throughout your space, create simple but effective displays that captivate. Gridwall displays have the capacity to draw customers to your products, highlighting lineups and marketing your inventory effectively.


Gridwall, among the most flexible and cost-effective ways to display a large amount of merchandise in a small space carries additional benefits, including:

  • Offering an uncluttered and sophisticated way to present small accessories, by either hanging them on hooks or grouping them in baskets.
  • Offering a measure of security. Because they are open, gridwall panel displays allow you to display products on every square foot of merchandisable space without sacrificing sightlines.
  • Flexibility, for display and storage. They are lightweight, making them ideal for adaptability and change, or suitable for temporary, pop-up, or even trade show and mobile display environments.
  • Limitless configurability. You are limited only by your imagination. Try different configurations to find those best for both your space(s) and your products.