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Slatwall Sign Holders And Frames

Are you looking for a unique way to display the signage for your products? SLATWALL SIGN HOLDERS are a great way to creatively present pricing and information of your product to your customer. They can easily be rearranged as inventory changes or you do a new seasonal display. Our high-quality slatwall sign holders come in a wide range of sizes to perfectly accommodate your unique retail display. Made in the USA from our best quality acrylic, all of our slatwall sign holders are in stock and ready to ship to your store.

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What are slatwall sign holders?

Slatwall sign holders are sign holders designed to attach to slatwall without additional fasteners. These sign holders have specially design attachments that slide into slat board panels for a secure fit. The two most common types are metal and acrylic slatwall sign holders.

How are acrylic wall sign holders and acrylic slatwall sign holders different?

Acrylic wall sign holders and acrylic slatwall sign holders will both hold your marketing materials safely but how they attach to the wall are different. Acrylic wall sign holders usually require mechanical fasteners such as screws or tape for mounting to walls. Acrylic slatwall sign holders have built-in attachments that securely slide into the slatwall.