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Hockey Display Cases

shopPOPdisplays' quality hockey puck display cases are worthy of top-shelf status. Made with high-quality acrylic, our cases are sturdy and keep your collectible hockey puck highly visible and dust-free. Options include mirror backing and a variety of acrylic, wood, and decorative bases, making our hockey puck display cases the perfect mate for autographed or game-used pucks. The mirrored back provides alternate viewing angles, perfect for when you have a puck covered in team signatures.

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Arrange several acrylic hockey puck display cases on a shelf to show off your collection in a stylish way. Many sports bars and collectors use our acrylic boxes and cases to protect their autographed sports memorabilia while proudly displaying it to the public.

Regular maintenance will help keep your acrylic hockey puck display case looking clean and clear. To ensure the beauty and longevity of your acrylic display case, clean using non-abrasive soft cloths, mild soap, and warm water. We recommend Novus Products to clean, protect, and repair acrylic.

If you can't find products to meet your needs, please contact us for custom options. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low minimum quantity, ideal for businesses looking to add branding or anyone looking for a designer touch.