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Acrylic Podiums, Pulpits, And Lecterns

If you're looking for a clean, minimalist and modern looking piece to help you with public speaking engagements, then our acrylic podium, acrylic pulpit, and acrylic lectern selection is exactly what you need. Each clear plexiglass podium is engineered and expertly custom cut for a glass-like look and contemporary style that can look great in any environment. Use these plastic podiums in auditoriums, conference rooms, classrooms, or anywhere you want to make an impression. Acrylic church podiums are especially popular in religious spaces, too.

At shopPOPdisplays, we are a custom manufacturer and supplier of acrylic podiums, lecterns and pulpits for sale. We sell wholesale nationwide direct from our factories. So, you can expect to get the best price for your clear pulpit, lectern or podium. These clear lecterns are made of acrylic, the common name for plexiglass (also called Perspex) and similar to Lucite; all are types of plastic. We can also make a custom acrylic podium for you.

When you opt for a clear plastic podium, you can give a space a new, modern look and feel. It can be an acrylic pulpit for church or for somewhere else. Clear podiums are also very light so you can move them easily. You can also use a clear lectern to make a space look larger and more open, taking away the bulky look of a traditional wood pulpit or podium piece.

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Crystal clear, beautiful, and available in a wide variety of designs, the modern acrylic podium or plexiglass lectern helps you make an impression. A popular choice, acrylic podiums offer a glass-like appearance. Even though they have a modern aesthetic, these contemporary pieces fit in with a lot of different environments. And even though they are light, our quality acrylic podiums, lecterns and pulpits are durable and still more affordable than their glass counterparts.

The modern design is simplistic enough to fit with a lot of different types of décor. Use these clear plexiglass podiums in schools, colleges, corporate and professional settings, conference centers, group meetings, and churches. And as always, with shopPOPdisplays, you can count on the quality design and manufacturing of our lucite, plexiglass pulpit and other clear lecterns. Don’t forget to ask us about our Custom Printing options for our acrylic podiums, modern pulpits and lecterns. We’re here to help you make your speaking engagement the best it can be.