Display Boxes And Cases

Despite their simple construction, display cases and boxes can have many different forms and functions. At shopPOPdisplays, our stock of acrylic display cases has been selected carefully to achieve anything you’d need out of a display box. From bins to risers, covers and display cases, boxes with lids and locks, to ballot boxes and speciality display cases, we have a diverse and quality selection of display boxes that will help you show of your product and improve sales. Some of our acrylic display boxes are specific in purpose, some can do it all, or if none of those catch your eye, you can always make a custom display box yourself. Jump in right away by selecting one of the categories below or scroll down towards the bottom of this page for a quick explanation on what our plastic display cases can do!

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Subcategories in Display Boxes And Cases


    Different Types of Display Cases and Their Benefits:

  • 5-Sided Acrylic Boxes - Our 5-sided boxes, sometimes known as plexiglass display cases, are the best on the market and people are taking notice as we have quickly become the premier seller of everything acrylic 5-sided box! Use our plastic boxes as bins, risers, covers, cubbyholes, or whatever else you think is suitable. For such a simple piece, the acrylic box has nearly limitless uses. Choose from a huge variety of stock sizes and colors, we guarantee we have the acrylic display cubes you’re looking for.
  • Boxes with Lids and Covers - Unique for their storage capabilities coupled with their beautiful appearance and display applications, we carry a number of acrylic boxes with lids. We have hinged lids, shoe box lids, and multiple lids that lock. Use for retail display, large dump bins for loose items, or to keep your things organized and highly visible. Choose your size of box, your lid type, and you’ll soon find out why we carry the best in covered acrylic boxes.
  • Counter Top Display Cases – No matter what is presented inside, our cases allow you to enhance your existing retail displays by adding another layer of choice for your customers. Visual merchandising experts advise the use of top-of-counter display cases to merchandise less expensive items as an option when higher priced inventory is secured in the case below. Choose from our selection of moderately priced to high-end storage and acrylic display cases to complete your retail design or store plan.
  • Custom Acrylic Boxes - We are also the leader in custom acrylic display cases and 5-sided boxes. Long, slim, tall, short, or a perfect cube, we can make any size of box you need at any measurement – down to the decimal points! Enjoy all of the benefits of using acrylic plastic boxes, sometimes called lucite display cubes, but choose your specifications. Use our handy box builder online or feel free to get in touch with us. Our in-house customer service, engineers, and fabricators are second to none!
  • Custom Printed Acrylic Boxes - Using the same high quality 5-sided acrylic boxes you know and love, we now offer the ability to print any graphics of your choice - company logos, promotional imagery, pictures, or anything else you'd want on a box. Using advanced printing techniques and combined with the best 5-sided boxes on the market, shopPOPdisplays is the choice for all of your custom acrylic box needs. Just chose your style of box and follow the provided instructions!
  • Display Boxes with Bases - When it comes to your prized possessions, protecting them is paramount. Don’t settle for cheaper iterations of plastic cases – our high-quality crystal-clear display boxes will leave your favorite items looking as pristine as the day you got them. Choose from our classic black or white acrylic bases or take the next step with our high quality red mahogany stained, white oak hardwood bases that have set the industry standard.
  • Floor Standing Display Cases – Freestanding acrylic display cases will be some of the largest elements in your design. As you shop our selection, consider these pieces as statement makers, anchors for the space. Choose from colors, finishes, and style elements that speak to your brand-contemporary, minimalist, or traditional. Our collection offers options for every style, every budget, every taste.
  • Mirrored Boxes - Want to enhance your retail display case or table top food spread? Our mirrored boxes can do just that and do it in multiple colors and sizes! Use our mirrored boxes as a beautiful riser or place them next to other items for a multiplying effect. Take your display to the next level with our mirrored boxes!
  • Sports Display Cases for Memorabilia - From baseballs to jerseys, we have the best in sporting goods display! Like our boxes with base lines, our sporting display cases are specifically measured to work in displaying the game ball of your choice. Choose from our black or white bases, or our premium stained hardwood, each coming with a special round acrylic riser designed to contour and keep your game ball centered.
  • Suggestion and Ballot Boxes- From countertop to floor standing models, we have the ballot and suggestion boxes suited for all situations. Use our wall-mountable ballot box outside of your office door for suggestions or notes or use one of our elegant floor standing pedestal ballot boxes for your next group meeting. Whatever the case, we have the quality and diversity you need when it comes to finding the right suggestion box!
  • Wall Mount Display Cases – When every single inch of floor space is critical, let the walls help tell your story. Our wall mounted acrylic display cases present your merchandise securely at eye level to help boost retail sales, allow viewers to appreciate your collectibles or memorabilia, or to consider features of expensive jewelry or electronics, up close.