10 Ways Acrylic Dispensary Display Cases Add to the Mystique

Acrylic dispensary cases give customers a 360-degree view of products.

For example, take glass bowl holders. Our acrylic 16 unit glass bowl holder display highlights the devices in 360 degrees. The display has specially designed slots to accommodate bowls with pipe diameters between .97″ to 1.19″. Another acrylic display case that holds such accessories is a 25 unit glass bowl joint tube chillum taster holder display. No matter which countertop holder you choose, the durable acrylic display doesn’t detract from the beauty of the bowls and pipes. 

Acrylic blocks add a luxury look.

Elevate your dispensary’s aesthetic as well as your products with acrylic block. Use acrylic blocks as risers to elevate a single cannabis pod in a display case or use them to label products within a weed display. Or consider placing just the packaging without product on risers to elevate the brands you carry to provide signage as well as security.

The clear and clean look of acrylic doesn’t compete with your products.

The clean design aesthetic has staying power for good reason. Clear cannabis display cases (with clear, white, or black bases) keep the focus where it belongs—on your merchandise. A simple background works whether you are using a countertop display case, vape display, or a white acrylic display tray.

Acrylic risers can organize and maximize the number of items you have on display.

Highlight a cannabis display pod by placing it on top of an acrylic cylinder riser. Or, use acrylic U-shaped risers for maximum flexibility in arranging merchandise. And just like risers elevate your products, LED lighting can elevate your riser. For instance, a black display riser with LED lights can showcase buds in mason jars.

Acrylic dispensary cases with fluorescent lighting make the product stand out.

 Our LED Cannabis Display with Fluorescent Green Insert provides an eye-catching way to display cannabis display pods on a countertop. The lightweight, sturdy weed display not only showcases your inventory, but also helps organize and keep track of it, too. Twelve pods are included with the insert and you can choose between white or multicolored, color-changing LED lights, which are diffused from below to highlight the bud display. 

Locking acrylic cabinets keep merchandise secure while clearly visible.

 Locking dispensary cases are a must-have for regulatory, theft security, and safety reasons. A mix of countertop and wall-mount displays will fulfill those retail requirements while allowing customers to easily view merchandise to purchase. Choose from fixed shelves to adjustable shelves (shopPOPdisplays offers acrylic display cabinets with one to six shelves), countertop to wall mount display cases, lock placements, and door orientation (ie, to have the hinged door opening toward the budtender’s side of the counter). 

Acrylic tube holders are a clean way to add countertop displays.

 They’re not visually distracting and are a great way to drive impulse buys. Examples from shopPOPdisplays vast inventory include a curved 5 slot vape display, pre-roll joint tube holder display, and even an acrylic countertop pegboard display.

Acrylic’s insulation properties make it the perfect material for weed displays.

 Compared to glass, acrylic is less likely to retain heat so vulnerable merchandise, such as edibles, flowers, buds, concentrates, and more, will maintain their efficacy, flavor, and quality while in a weed display.  

The optical quality of acrylic increases product visibility.

People tend to shop with their senses. An attractive arrangement of buds and flowers will entice customers visually to explore your dispensary’s offerings. Our cannabis display pod allows customers to experience terpene aromas without handling the buds. For a pop of color in your display, choose custom colors for your cannabis display pod spikes. Align the hues with a holiday or tie them into your branding.

And lastly, acrylic is customizable.

The one place where you should break the mystique? Your brand. Consider a few dispensary displays that are customized with your brand name, company logo, or simply your brand colors. For example, print your logo or name on an inclined cannabis display pod holder or a joint tube holder, or customize cannabis display pod spikes with your brand’s colors. Even just a few opportunities to imprint your brand will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Effective display dispensary cases will engage the customer and help drive sales. We hope the above ideas spark some ideas for your dispensary. We’re happy to help you find the perfect acrylic display to best suit  your needs. Contact us today.