Keeping Your Team Safe During the Holiday Season

How Plexiglass Table Dividers Protect Employees & Customers

With the holiday season in full swing, stores are busier and more crowded than ever. While more people are out shopping in stores this year compared to 2020, the pandemic remains an ongoing challenge as new variants arise leaving already struggling retailers to hire seasonal employees willing to work in congested public settings. According to the New York Times, “The emergence of the new variant was the latest hurdle for retailers who have been anticipating a holiday shopping season that is sure to be much more physically present than 2020, but not as carefree as it was prepandemic.” With the masses craving the traditional holiday shopping experience with a new set of safety concerns, it leaves retailers everywhere to elevate their store plans to allay concerns and increase consumer shopping comfort by implementing some essential plexiglass display must-haves!

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Why Plexiglass Dividers are Here to Stay

Over the course of the last two years, how our world operates has completely transformed due to the outbreak of an international pandemic. From shopping and eating out to schools and office environments, we all have had to take severe precautions when it comes to safety in numbers and adjusting to a new normal. Living through a pandemic, though not easy, did teach us valuable lessons on just how important it is to be clean – good hygiene and be aware of our personal space so we do not infringe our germs on those who surround us. For public businesses and other institutions to continue, it is imperative that owners restructure their spaces to make everyone involved feel safe—which is exactly why plexiglass dividers are here to stay.

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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Gift-Giving Display

December is here and that means the holidays are right around the corner.

One thing is for certain—this time of year for retailers can feel hectic and can often come with its own set of challenges to stand apart from the competition. However, the shops, boutiques, and department stores that tend to thrive and succeed the most in such hustling times are those that make it easiest for their consumers to navigate their exact shopping needs: GIFTS!

According to an article released by the National Retail Federation, “Consumers plan to spend $997.73 on gifts, holiday items, and other non-gift purchases for themselves and their families this year.” All the more reason to make sure your holiday displays impeccable, precise, and geared towards the gift-givers intent. Here, great ways to ensure your product, regardless of industry, stands out in front of crowds.


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‘Tis The Season For Festive and Classic Railroad Models: 3 Creative Ways to Display Your Collection

Polar Express and model railroading aficionados, rejoice! For hobbyists and railroad enthusiasts everywhere, the holiday season is the perfect time to break out your model railroad collection and begin exchanging photos of your favorite models with fellow collectors. According to an article from, “Model trains are such a great hobby. They come in all sizes. All price ranges. And over the years, trains make a great present that you can keep adding to. There are many ways to creatively set them up, too. As a hobby, model railroading can help your kids learn to plan, organize, set goals, follow directions, make decisions, and develop solutions to increasingly complex problems. Model railroading also gives them the opportunity to excel at something unique and fun without the pressures of school. Kids can relax, explore, and build self-confidence.” Since this time of the year is the perfect way to introduce trains into the holiday season, inspire your friends and family alike and find the perfect way to elevate your model railroad collection display and get your loved ones involved! Below are a few clever ideas to get your awe-inspiring showcase on the right track.

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