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Holiday Displays

While the traditional holiday season brings in big sales for retailers, there is more to celebrate than Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa throughout the year. From Memorial Day and the 4th of July to Labor Day and Halloween, there are plenty of other holidays that retail stores, local businesses, and even homeowners might want to acknowledge and promote. Whichever you choose, shopPOPdisplays has an assortment of holiday displays—including holiday window displays and holiday display cases—to fit all your needs. Best of all, multifunction holiday displays can be used year-round for other holiday store window displays such as our red mirrored and green mirrored pedestals for not only Christmas but also Valentine’s Day and heart health month, as well as St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day and springtime holiday retail window displays. Imagination and versatile merchandise expand the seasonality of holiday displays. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

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Use cases

Holiday displays can be useful in an array of settings, including:

Retail stores. Showcase seasonal merchandise and create a festive scene.

Offices. Acknowledging the various holidays can be fun for employees and visitors.

Homes. People often decorate their homes for different holidays throughout the year.

Pop-Up shops. Halloween and Christmas are two holidays where you will see temporary storefronts pop up for decorations and costumes.

Schools. Kids are thrilled to celebrate different holidays—and not just because it usually means days off!

Clubs. Whether a V.F.W. hall with party rental capabilities or a municipality or town sports club that holds seasonal activities, multipurpose holiday displays add a welcoming touch.

Restaurants and bars. A well-placed colorful pedestal, seasonally themed acrylic risers help promote holiday merchandise and festivities.

Event spaces. Nothing supports holiday parties like multi-functional merchandisers reflective of the season or celebration. Event spaces reuse and repurpose holiday display pieces for corporate and private parties. Consider corporate functions or private showers, weddings, anniversary, and birthday parties.

Holiday Display Ideas

Signage. Display festive signs and artwork (such as creations from your kids) in our assortment of sign holders. You can easily insert and showcase in our acrylic frames, including the 5" x 7" slant back plastic sign holder or the 8.5" x 11" top loading plastic sign holder. You can also feature temporary wall-mounted frames with the 11" x 17" window sign holder with suction cups, which can help homeowners create an easy holiday window display. Chalkboard signage and removable markers span every holiday display.

Flags and Banners. Store owners and pop-up shops will want to attract customers to their location. Flags can attract the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. The 15' feather flag square corner single sided custom print can be customized in different colors, with your business name, store hours, and more. And banners placed in your holiday retail window display—like the 33.5"w single sided custom print retractable display banner with half-moon stand—can be an effective way to catch people's eye.

Acrylic Risers. The holidays are the perfect time to add some color to your holiday displays. Whether it's in your holiday store window display or a holiday display in your home or office, shopPOP's selection of block risers can add a pop of color to your location. The fluorescent green accent solid block riser 2.125" x 3" x 3" can display decorations or merchandise, and also comes in blue, green, orange, pink or yellow colors.  Looking for something a bit more subtle? We've got you covered with the silver mirrored cube riser, which is available in several sizes, the acrylic cylinder riser 4" h x 6" d, or our variety of acrylic boxes for displays. You can easily place products and decorations either on top of the box or inside it.

Display Pedestals. Any of these risers would look great on top of our display pedestals. Whether you want a neutral base with a white or clear design, or would rather get a bit bold with your color choices with something like our white acrylic pedestal with color changing led lights, you'll find an option to fit your holiday display vision.

Acrylic Boxes. Smaller items that you want to include in a holiday display, including candies, can be kept organized in our acrylic 5 sided box with removable divider.

Display Cases. Beloved decorations, as well as pricey merchandise, can be kept behind glass in the wall mount wooden mirrored counter top single shelf display case. ShopPOPdisplays also has locked options, such as the acrylic locking 5 shelf front opening wall mount display case.

Collapsible Displays. If you're opening a temporary holiday storefront, you'll want holiday display options that are easy to set up and take down. The portable clear acrylic display pedestal and the 31"high clear acrylic table are both sturdy enough to showcase different options throughout the store and also in your holiday window display. The black knockdown stacking baskets- set of 4 can hold inventory in bulk and its wheels mean it can easily be moved around the store.

Let's not forget about the 20" acrylic folding 4 shelf knockdown display and the four tier acrylic spiral shelf display. They can be set up on countertops around the store, including near the cash register to promote impulse buys. And the acrylic counter top double riser offers double the space on your countertop.