10 Tips for Repurposing Holiday Decorations and Merchandisers

Tis’ the season for festive decorating in your retail space. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are full of an array of colors from green, red, black, blue, white, and gold, to silver—displays are illuminated with tinsel and color. From all celebrated winter holidays, visual merchandisers are often faced with the question of what to do after the season comes and goes with all their merchandisers and decorations. Below are 10 unique and clever tips to transform your retail space repurposing items like decorations and merchandisers so they can blend in with any occasion and save money!



A wreath refresh, painted pinecones, dried fruit, and more make memorable and cost-savvy year-round retail decorations.


Use String Lights and Frosted Merchandisers All Year Long

Lights are an integral part of visual merchandising. While they often spread cheer and remind us of all that is festive, they also add elegance to any merchandiser in a variety of industries. Keep string lights on key fixtures in your space to highlight products and add subtle ambiance every month. Frosted acrylic is another wintery must have when displaying holiday goods. Frosted acrylic pedestals and boxes can stay out beyond the caroling and cookies as a wonderful platform for any product. Add string lights around these frosted merchandisers for an elegant touch.


Frosted acrylic pedestals transition seasons and themes with colored lights or electric candles tucked inside.

Keep the Christmas Tree Up and Change it Seasonally

While Christmas trees are traditionally adorned with silver, red, green, and gold they don’t have to be limited to the yuletide season. Keep your store’s tree up well after the winter holidays. Embellish the tree with red and pink lights and hearts around Valentine’s Day and add shamrocks and touches of green tinsel for Saint Patrick’s Day. Think beach and summer motif for summer months or fun food ornaments for year-round conversation pieces. Seasonal festivities put consumers in the shopping mood and lifts everyone’s spirit to spend.



Make the Most Out of Seasonal Colors

If you are using red and green to embellish your shop for the holidays, why not use this theme throughout the year? Different shades of green and red can be wonderful options when styling gondolas, tables, shelves, and carts. Green offers a natural feeling while red exudes luxury and mystique. Integrate a green mirrored pedestal or color acrylic block for St. Patrick’s Day or Earth Day.  Repurpose a red mirrored pedestal for Valentine’s Day, Heart Health Month or make it part of your all-year gift-giving display. Utilize merchandisers and decorations from Christmas to accentuate a monochromatic scheme for your visual plan throughout the entire year or at the very least deck the halls for Christmas in July sales. It’s never too early to start shopping!


Green and gold mirrored pedestals bring in the green all year long!


Use Silver and Gold Decorations in Every Display

Silver and gold are cornerstone colors of the holidays and many visual merchandisers use gold mirrored acrylic u-shaped risers to accentuate seasonal sales, but these shiny risers also offer a year-round elegant aesthetic. Metallics provide a timeless appeal and wonderful illumination for tabletop displays that are sure to bring attention to your merchandise. So, for every silver and gold decoration found in your winter holiday space, repurpose them throughout the year to showcase product promotions. For instance, perfect for displaying new merchandise with an elevated presentation, gold mirrored pedestals are also another way to create attention around premium products such as leading-edge appliances, electronics, or luxury handbags. However, when working with silver and gold be mindful to not overdo it, you want to accentuate your products, not overpower them!



Keep Snowflake Themed Ornaments and Decor Out All Winter

Keep your storefront warm and inviting through the cold months with all snowflake-themed decor. After all, the holidays are just the kickoff to winter’s wonderland—your patrons will be needing cozy sweaters and outerwear all season long. Use these spirited decorations to keep people feeling excited to dress for the approaching blustery weather and as a sweet reminder mid-summer that it’s just a season or two away (depending on your location).



Convert Tabletop Candles to Year-Round Luminaries for an Intimate Vibe

Tabletop candelabra or varying height acrylic risers can be the perfect touch to holiday and year-round  visual merchandising. It offers an appreciation of light and spirituality, but also brings sophistication and a warm welcome to any display, window, or storefront. Keep electric candles lit in your store to elevate the mood and lure consumers in with light surrounding and promoting products.



Transition holiday luminaries into elegant centerpieces with fresh or faux florals.

Repurpose Pinecones to Add Rustic Charm

Everyone knows that the trendiest of spaces have been adorning their interiors with subtle rustic hints to keep pace with modern interior planning. Using pinecones post-holiday fun is a fantastic way to set up any tablescape or shelving that has products displayed upon them. You can even spray paint these leftover pinecones with glitter and hang them from mirrors to add a touch of nature to your shop.



Use Fresh or Faux Green Garland in Year-Round Fixtures to Add Natural Charm

It’s been proven that green is often used in retail to help create a calm ambiance. According to an article from Indeed.com, “Green can evoke feelings of harmony, health, loyalty, and safety, making people feel welcome and secure.” Which is a perfect reason to use your holiday green garland strands around your retail front all year long! Trim tabletops, gondolas, carts, and other fixtures with this greenery and elegantly add a touch of nature to your visual displays.



Recycle Holiday Ribbons to Make a Gift Display

While holidays are meant for gift-giving, special events happen all year long. Recycle extra holiday ribbons, packaging, and generic gift-wrapping options (at after-holiday pricing) to create a special space in your store to present the perfect birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift. Bows or a simple knot add a special touch.




Turn extra ribbons (or purchase after the holidays for less) into a gift wrapping service center.

Spray Paint Wreaths to Match Upcoming Events/Holidays

Holiday wreaths make a splashy statement to celebrate and welcome the winter holiday season. However, wreaths can be used beyond Christmas and New Year’s. Versatile green wreaths can be repurposed by changing bows to match the current holiday such as putting up glittery green or pastels for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter, respectively. Consider a country check bow and sunflower floral picks  for a quaint welcome door or window wreath. The possibilities are endless.




No matter what you choose to do, never let your holiday decor go to waste! There are countless creative ways to keep the spirit, save space, and enhance the look of your store all year long. Have questions? Contact our team. We’ll gladly assist you.