Restaurant Guidelines for Reopening – Using Sneeze Guards to Ensure a Safe Return

With many restaurants beginning the reopening process, it is important to remember the safety protocols the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put into place. It is critical to follow these protocols if you want to keep your customers and employees safe. The transition back to in-person dining can seem daunting, but if you follow all of the guidelines and implement social distancing barriers such as restaurant sneeze guards and informative signage, the transition will likely be easier than you think.


Keep reading to uncover some quick tips for deciding where to install restaurant sneeze guards and signage within your restaurant. Our recommendations will provide you with sensible solutions for protecting both your employees and patrons.

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How to Determine the Best Height for a Sneeze Guard

A seemingly simple question such as “how high does a sneeze guard have to be” can get complicated quickly.


First of all, sneezes are complex. An oft-cited study by MIT researchers shows sneezing works a lot like flicking paint off a paintbrush at 100 mph—long mucus filaments eventually break up into smaller and smaller droplets the farther away from the source they get. Continue reading How to Determine the Best Height for a Sneeze Guard

The Future of Office Spaces After a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed office spaces as we know them. Back in March, many companies made the difficult decision to move employees to a work-from-home platform for safety purposes. Now, some companies are starting to consider the idea of transitioning back into the office. From safety barrier installation to permanent sanitation signage, the office is going to look far different upon return. Keep reading to learn about some major changes we expect to see in offices in the coming years.

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How to Display Art Without Walls

There’s a method to displaying art on your walls, and luckily, one can easily find quite a bit of amazing guidance online. However, if you want to avoid the clichés, or are limited in what you can do with walls—we’re here to help you see how you can make the most out of a freestanding art display.


Sometimes, walls are not the best option. A wall is only ideal for artworks that must be viewed from the front. Sculptures and free-standing objects may require vertical display cases or pedestals. While found objects, small prints, photographs, books and paper-based art are often elegantly mixed together in collages and displayed within or without cases.


Here are some great ideas to free your art display from the tyranny of four walls.

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6 of the Best POP Displays and Why They Work

Never underestimate the power of an impulse buy. Point of purchase (POP) displays are popular for exactly that reason—they entice people to buy something they may not have otherwise, simply because it’s handy at or near checkout. Whether it’s candy at the grocery store, a bookmark at the bookstore or a car charger at the auto parts store, we’ve all done it. Consumers are 10 percent more likely to add impulse items to their purchase when shopping in-store vs. shopping online. Using POP displays near the moment of checkout is certainly an effective way to increase in-store sales.

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Holiday Window Display Ideas for Retailers

No matter how big or small your retail business may be, it is important to create enticing window exhibits that draw foot traffic into your store. Your window showcases the first impression of your shop — it’s your chance to catch someone’s eye and encourage them to come in and browse. The holiday season is no exception. In fact, window displays are actually most prevalent during the holiday season. Many big box retailers create magnificent holiday window displays that attract thousands of visitors each year.


In this article, we will share some of our favorite holiday window displays from years past as well as some tips you can steal from these retailers for creating your own window creations. We hope these stunning examples and our quick tips will provide you with some inspiration this holiday season.

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7 Ways to Use Cross-Merchandising to Increase In-Store Sales

Despite the very real pressures facing many retailers, there are still well over 400,000 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., according to Statista, the vast majority of which are small businesses. While online shopping has taken off with millennials, Gen Z consumers overwhelmingly prefer to do their shopping in stores—81 percent—and 73 percent said they like to discover new products there. Cross-merchandising by using one product to sell another is a tried-and-true way to increase in-store sales per customer. Why sell just one item when you could be selling two, three or more? Here are seven ways to cross-merchandise effectively in your retail store.

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