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Colored Acrylic Boxes

There aren't many display pieces that are more functional than a 5-sided colored acrylic box – use as a pedestal, riser, cubby, cover or a bin! For versatility, try either our black acrylic box which blends into any surrounding or our white acrylic box that stands out and draws additional attention to your displayed item. The simple design and sturdy construction of our boxes, paired with their versatility, are the reason why we are one of the top acrylic box sellers today. Black and white are our most popular colors, but with tons of additional color options and various available sizes, we believe you’ll find the right opaque plastic box you need. And don't forget – we offer the ability to make your own custom boxes!

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Colored Acrylic Boxes are not only useful multipurpose display pieces, but the variety of colors we offer, including black and white, can match any number of décors. You can also use the colored acrylic boxes to color code your belongings or goods, making them great pieces for use in store, home or office environments.

We recommend using colored plastic boxes as risers, pedestals, bins, cubby holes or as display covers. Mix and match the items you wish to display with one of our colors, or try to contrast them for an eye-popping look. With the number of sizes and colors available in our inventory, the choices are limitless. To expand your options even further, use our custom box page to create an opaque plastic box to the exact dimensions of your choosing!