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Acrylic Three Legged Risers

Acrylic three legged risers are great for displaying any number of items big or small, depending on the size. Available in short and tall options, we have the most comprehensive lineup of plastic three legged risers you'll find. Flip over any of these risers with the legs facing up and you now have a display piece that can support and hold round objects in place. For a different and cool looking display piece, choose from any of our acrylic triple legged risers today!

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When it comes to acrylic three legged risers, there’s more to them than what meets the eye. First and foremost, these are a really cool looking display piece – the clear acrylic has a glass like look and is available in different heights and sizes. Combine this with the fact that each leg is a machined and bent piece; it gives off the look of precision bent glass. The plastic three legged riser can also be flipped to utilize each leg as its own display surface for round objects or bowls. If you’re looking for unique, than our acrylic triple legged risers fit the bill.