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Acrylic Care and Cleaning

Acrylic, Plexiglass and Lucite are durable materials that require minimal maintenance. Regular care should consist of normal wipe-cleaning with a soft rag or towel. Pay special attention to avoid scratching the surface. CAUTION: Using window cleaner, ammonia products, or other chemical sprays on Acrylic, Plexiglas or Lucite can cause scratches or damages. If there is any adhesive or sticky substance on the surface, DO NOT use any solvents.

The best way to clean and care for acrylics is by using Novus cleaning products. Plastic Clean & Shine by Novus, often referred to as "Novus #1", gently cleans without scratching. It leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static.Novus also offers a Fine Scratch Remover (Novus #2) that removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasions from most plastics. For heavy scratches, use the Heavy Scratch Remover (Novus #3) which removes heavy scratches and abrasions from most acrylic surfaces.

With the proper maintenance, acrylic furniture and accessories can keep its beauty and last a very long time.

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