5 Ways to Maintain the Beauty of Your Acrylic Products

Whether you are adding a high-end look to your retail display or using one of our custom made acrylic products to showcase beloved memorabilia, it’s important to understand how to properly care for this versatile material. Acrylic is an outstandingly strong, optically clear plastic that can be used for many years if treated right, so be kind to your acrylic pieces and beautifully highlight the things you love. Listed below are some helpful tips to keep your acrylic products resilient and bright.

Acrylic Boxes

Keep Your Acrylic Products Away from Heat

For long-lasting use of your acrylic products, do not place anything hot directly on their surfaces. Anything like tea kettles, curling irons or the like, if placed directly onto an acrylic desk, table, tray, shelf, etc., can cause unwanted warping and discoloration.


Avoid Abrasive Scrubbers or Cleaners

Acrylic, while durable, is a comparatively soft material, meaning prone to scratching. The good news it is relatively low-maintenance to clean. That’s why it is in your best interest to avoid scouring compounds or chemical cleaners with ammonia or any glass cleaners when caring for your acrylic products.



SimplyUse a Clean Cloth When Wiping Down Acrylic Products 

Part of acrylic’s charm is the minimal care it requires. It can be easily scratched by flecks of dirt and fine abrasive particles lodged in the cloth used to clean other things. Stick with a new, fresh cloth to wipe your treasures down to avoid unpleasant scratches.


Use Specialized Acrylic Polish

Products like Novus, available on our site, are designed to clean, polish, and protect acrylic. If your desk, tray, shelf, or other acrylic piece has been scratched, specialized (and economical) polish, like Novus repairs even deep scratches and minimizes static.