5 Benefits of Showcasing Art with Wood and Acrylic Display Pedestals

Display pedestals are viewed by artists and designers as an important element in creating interest for their art display. Since provoking interest in the piece of art is so important, choosing the right pedestal for your display can make all the difference. Display pedestals are being used more than ever, for both function and design. They are chosen by designers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to create striking displays. Wood and acrylic display pedestals from shopPOPdisplays offer a wide array of benefits for curators and art collectors alike who are looking to add valuable art in a museum, gallery, or home. Listed below are 5 benefits to showcasing your artwork with our wood and acrylic display pedestals. Continue reading 5 Benefits of Showcasing Art with Wood and Acrylic Display Pedestals

Get Inspired: 3 Retail Display Examples

When it comes to creating eye-catching displays to showcase your products, the only limit is your imagination. Considering retail displays are available in a wide array of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, POP displays can be customized to speak to your unique brand. With so many options available choosing the right display for your unique needs can seem difficult—but it doesn’t have to be!

In this post, we’re highlighting three examples of retail displays alongside their unique aspects that will put the pop in your POP display efforts. Continue reading Get Inspired: 3 Retail Display Examples

Using Custom Acrylic Boxes for Better Displays

When it comes to retail displays it’s all about grabbing your consumer’s attention. The nature of retail being one of the most competitive markets in the world adds pressure to make sure your products stand apart from competitors. With this in mind, displaying your products in custom acrylic boxes from shopPOPdisplays can help elevate your products and take your displays to new heights. In addition to the sleek and elegant presentation of acrylic boxes, we offer acrylic box options that provide a unique touch to your brand’s message. Below, you’ll find several creative ways we can help highlight your products with our customized acrylic boxes. Continue reading Using Custom Acrylic Boxes for Better Displays