Get Inspired: 3 Retail Display Examples

When it comes to creating eye-catching displays to showcase your products, the only limit is your imagination. Considering retail displays are available in a wide array of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, POP displays can be customized to speak to your unique brand. With so many options available choosing the right display for your unique needs can seem difficult—but it doesn’t have to be!

In this post, we’re highlighting three examples of retail displays alongside their unique aspects that will put the pop in your POP display efforts.

Wooden Retail Displays

For effective retail displays, creating the right atmosphere for your customers can go a long way toward driving more sales. With this in mind, wooden retail displays and barrels offers a quaint, rustic charm that adds an emotional response to your product showcasing efforts. For businesses looking to provide a more modern, minimalist aesthetic, wooden retail shelves are a quick and effective display option that will catch your customers’ attention. Depending on your needs, wooden retail displays can also be used alongside a variety of different display materials, helping your business offer a unique in-store experience for your customers.

Counter Retail Displays

If you’re looking for easily customizable and cost-efficient display options, then countertop displays may be the perfect solution. Given the spontaneous nature of customers, few display options can drive last-minute impulse buys like a countertop display. Given their proximity to the hands and eyes of consumers, countertop displays are perfect for generating sales as customers to go to checkout.


Take advantage of corner space with a vibrant tiered acrylic shelf, or to put smaller products like cosmetics or jewelry closer to eye-level, consider using a multi-shelf display with a cosmetic or jewelry organizer inside. Unlike many other retail displays, countertop displays give you the perfect opportunity to make the most of your retail space—letting you place more products in front of your customers without overcrowding them.

Floor Standing Display Cases

The more room a retail display takes up, the more that display needs to make an impression on your customers. With this in mind, floor standing display cases offer a number of different styles, materials, and shapes that make it easy to find the right display option to fit your business’s aesthetic. Due to their large size, floor standing displays command attention, and offer ample room for a variety of different products.

Floor standing display cases can also break up the layout of your store to direct the path of the consumer or to break up sections of the store. With their ability to command attention, you can direct consumers to high ticket or bestselling products. These displays essentially function as an in-house advertising unit for your items. With a high level of elegance and the ability to see your product at various angles, free-standing displays are the perfect way to showcase products.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to go with countertop displays, wooden retail displays, or floor standing display cases, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the design is everything when it comes to retail displays. Colors, for example, can instantly win the attention of customers and keep them interested in what you have to offer. Next, your displays should be used to convey your brand, so pick the colors, materials, and retail combinations that help speak to your unique business. Finally, your displays should always be designed to create a positive emotional response. Remember: buying is often an emotional journey for your customers. Ultimately, you want your displays to evoke a positive association with your brand and the products you are trying to sell. By keeping all these factors in mind, your displays will catch the eye of your customers and drive them toward more purchases.